Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! The Spectre Review


I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Like last year I decided to review something both Comic Book and Horror related. However unlike last year I decided to review something much more horror. Today were looking at the Spectre short that was released with Justice League Crisis on Two Earths. The Spectre is a very interesting character, first appearing More Fun Comics #52. The Spectre is a Supernatural hero who punishes evil with his own brand of poetic justice. So without further delay let's take a look at The Spectre.

The short opens with a movie director named Foster Brenner being killed. Jim Corrigan, a detective, get's on the case due to him having a relationship with Brenner's Daughter. Corrigan asks Brenner's Butler if he had any enemy's and the Butler explains there were many Collaborators that were left out of the development of his newest movies that might hold a grudge. Corrigan asks for a list of names.

That night the Spectre visits one of the Special effects men, and blames him for Brenner's death before using his powers to make several animatronic movie monsters come to life and kill him. Meanwhile the Police Captain tells Corrigan that he's not on the case, but should probably look into the death of the suspects. Later we see a man fleeing the country with a suitcase full of money. The Spectre makes his car crash, and the man fly's threw the windshield of the car. The car then repairs itself, and chases after the man until it crushes him.

We then cut to Brenner's Daughter who is confronted by Corrigan who realized it was an inside job, and the two other guys were paid by her to kill her father. She try's to shoot him but the bullets pass threw him, and he transforms revealing that he was the Spectre all along. She try's to get away but the Spectre surrounds her in a tornado of bills from the suitcase as they get faster and start to shred her to death. The police arrive, and Corrigan walks pass them since they can't see him since he was a ghost all along. The short ends with him saying the he sometimes doesn't like what he does but it's his job to bring evil to justice.

This is really good. The animation is great and it mix's 70's movie with Classic Horror. The voice acting is great especially Gary Cole as the Spectre. The story is good and very well paced. It makes me wish there was a full length Spectre movie instead of the Superman and Batman movies we get yearly. Overall it's a great short, and I highly recommend it. So go watch your favorite scary movie, and have a Happy Halloween!

Rating: 5/5

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