Monday, April 28, 2014

Superior Spider-Man Finale Review and General Thoughts


Yep! More Spider-Man. Why? Because Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out latter this week, and I thought it was appropriate. Today were going to talk about Superior Spider-Man. This surprising lasted much longer then I expected, although in my defense when I wrote my review of Superior Spider-Man #1 I didn't know that it was going to come out bi-weekly. But hey in that review I also said I was going to continue to reading the series but after re-reading #1 after I wrote the review I dropped the book and didn't pick it up until the 2099 arc.

The whole thing just seemed like a publicity stunt, and I knew they weren't going to keep Doc Ock as Spider-Man for very long. I even thought they were going to make this a reason to undo "One More Day." I mean can you blame me, this was the cover to issue #2:

However they went in an entirely different direction then I thought it would. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is a review of the Superior Spider-Man #31 after all. So let's begin. The comic opens just after the event's of the last issue, where Doc Ock sacrifices himself to finally give Peter his body back in order for Peter to save Ock's girlfriend Anna Maria from the Green Goblin who has pretty much taken over the city.

However before the final confrontation Peter explains why he's been acting so strange lately to Carrlie Cooper and Spider-Man 2099. He then teams up with Spider-Man 2099, and they go to Alchemax to confront the Goblins. But not before dealing with Menace, and "saving" the Goblin's grandson Normie and Liz Allen.Spidey then goes up to the roof to confront the Goblin who still thinks Ock is in control. One sarcastic remark later, and the Goblin realizes Peter is back.

The Goblin starts to panic since his plan didn't account for Peter coming back to life. This gives Peter the upper-hand, and he is able to remove the Goblin's mask to reveal that the Goblin had his face alter. He did this because his face was too well known, and he was trying to make a legacy for his Grandson. But since he wasn't wearing the mask anymore the tech developed by Ock can see him again, allowing a bunch of Spider-Bot's to inject him with a cure for the Goblin Formula. The Goblin starts to fall unable to keep his balance on his glider anymore, and Spider-Man catches him as well as Anna Maria who was able escape while the two were fighting.

They swing down to the streets below where Peter is about bring the Goblin to the police when Liz "accidentally" uses the Spider-Sense Jammer to incapacitate Peter so the Goblin can escape. She tells both Spider-Men that she didn't mean it and Peter believes her but he has his doubts. It's right about now that I should feel I should mention the art. It's not that it's bad. It's just during all of Goblin Nation the art felt weirdly familiar. Until it finally hit me when I saw these panels:

It turns out the guy who does the pencils for this book, Giuseppe Camuncoli, also did Hellblazer. Most notably #300 which was that series finale too. Which came out around this time of the year. So I pretty much can't look at this comic anymore without thinking about this:

Anyway, sorry to go off on such a tangent. Peter get's Anna Maria medical attention, but all she's worried about is whether or not "Peter's" okay. This leaves the real Peter feeling sad that Ock had to die in order for him to be here, since him and Anna Maria really did love each other. Meanwhile The Goblin starts to make a new plan to change his identity again, and this time he could be anybody.

Peter goes to his friends and family, and apologizes for the way he's been acting recently. Some except it, other don't. Like MJ who doesn't want anymore of this craziness in her life, and says it's stuff like this that made them drift apart.(and Mephisto, don't forget about him) Peter leaves and MJ talks to Carlie who is leaving town for pretty much the exact same reason MJ's mad at Peter, J. Jonah Jameson resigns as mayor of New York, and the comic ends with a preview of Dan Slott's run on Silver Surfer for some reason.

This comic was pretty good it had some good moment's and some bad. It was decently written, and the art was nice. Overall this series will probably be forgotten about in a few years though. But I think it was decent, nothing special, but it wasn't worth all the anger and death threats. Seriously there are much better things to be doing with your life then to send death threats to a Comic Book writer because he killed off your favorite character. Your teetering on the edge of obsessive fan and becoming the killer in a Stephen King novel. But I think this series deserves a tiny bit more attention so some time down the line I'm going to review my favorite story arc of Superior Spider-Man. See you then!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ultimate Spider-Man #200 Review

---Spoiler Warning---

It's almost been Three Years since The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man. I remember it well since it came out on my last day of Highschool. Time really does fly, and Spider-Man has been through a lot in the last couple of years. We got a new Ultimate Spider-Man named Miles Morales who was very controversial in the beginning but most people grew to like him. Thanks to Bendis' we finally got a crossover between the Main and Ultimate Marvel Universes in Spider-Men. Then the original Peter Parker followed the Ultimate Universe's example and died as well. Replaced by a surprisingly "Heroic" Doc Ock, in Superior Spider-Man. Thankfully though they've undone that with the recent Superior Spider-Man #30 and the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #1.By the way someone get a phone because I Called It!

But I'm sure your not here to read my thoughts about that. So let's get started on Ultimate Spider-Man #200. As to be expected this is an milestone issue for the series, however it kinda feels like an Epilogue to me. The story takes place Two Years after Peter Parker's death, Aunt May is having a get-together at there house to commemorate the anniversary. Various characters from the old and new Ultimate Spider-man series' show up like Mary Jane, Miles, Ganke, Jameson, and Kitty Pryde. Just to name a few, and (in Ultimate Spider-Man tradition) they just talk. Mostly about how they all think Peter would be like if he was still alive. Some are really touching especially Kitty Pryde's:

Plus I'm pretty sure Iceman's is just the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. They then decide the best way to honor him is to do something nice for someone, and since they have plenty of food (thanks to a generous donation from Tony Stark as an apology for not being able to be there) they decide to give it to some homeless people at a shelter. The comic ends with everyone parting ways with new friendships formed, and old one rekindled as a mysterious person watches from the distance.

This has got be one of my favorite issue of a comic ever. Which is crazy because if I did a Top Five of my favorite single issues, 3 of them would be Ultimate Spider-Man. As for this issue I think the art is great, and like I said before the story is really touching. If your an Ultimate Spider-Man fan you probably already have this but if you don't It's a must buy.

As I mentioned earlier this feels like an epilogue to me, however that might be because I recently read through all of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man as well as various other Spider-Man books like Maximum Carnage, and Hobgoblin Lives. This was finally the comic that made me realize how much I actually missed Peter Parker, and if this was the last issue of  Spider-Man I ever read. I couldn't ask for a better one. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited for "Amazing Spider-Man #1" and let's not forget "Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1". Until next time, keep on swinging.

Rating: 5/5

((Final Note: Wow It's been  9 month's since I talked about a Superhero Comic, and over a year since I reviewed one! I really got to work on that.))