Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Comic Panel of the Week: Smallville Continuity

So far Smallville: Continuity has actually been pretty good. If you were a fan of the show check it out! Also Blue Lantern Barbra Gordon.

Monday, February 23, 2015

"Gotham: Red Hood" First Thoughts



It has been a while since I updated last, and a lot of new Superhero related shows have started since I've been away. In fact one of the new shows that started was the very show I chose to talk about today, Gotham. Which if you haven't heard of by now is essentially a prequel story that takes place in Gotham City just after Bruce Wayne's parent's have been shot. I've had very mixed opinions about the show so far, It's good but I like both Arrow and Flash more. The episode I've decided to talk about today is tonight's episode, Red Hood.

The main plot is about a gang going around stealing from various banks, while Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock try to catch them. What make this group different from other robbers is one of them wears a Red Mask. After surviving a guard shooting at him from very close range (Pulp Fiction Style) the man in the Red Mask starts to believe there's something special about the mask, and after giving money to people on the street in order to escape the police they become famous as a group of modern day Robin Hoods. However things start to fall apart in the group as it becomes a power struggle of who get's to wear the mask and be the leader.

That was just the over-all plot of the episode. There was much more stuff, one could argue too much stuff. Including a very grotesque scene involving a spoon and an eye that I could of gone without ever seeing in my life. I seriously don't know they got away with showing that on TV. Anyway I think my feelings on this episode explain my overall feeling of this show in general. At times this was amazing other times it dragged really bad and I was just waiting for something interesting to happen.

Were this episode shines is everything involving the Red Hood. That plot line alone makes this one of the most important episode of the series so far. It brings up the duality of wearing a mask, vigilantism, and how anonymity can make you a different person. Most importantly, whether or not he will actually show up in this show, it sets up a lot of things involving the Joker's back story. As well as Jason Todd's, who I know will definitely not appear in this series, but who knows I may be surprised.

What helps this the most is the great acting from all the Members of the Red Hood gang especially the Original Red Hood. I think he was the best part of this episode, and I think they wasted him. Also I don't know if anybody else got this vibe but both me and my brother thought he was a lot like Deadpool, maybe it was because he was a guy running around in a Red mask constantly talking and laughing. The rest of the cast was also great as always especially Bullock and Penguin.

Now for the bad. There is way to much stuff happening for it's own good. You could of easily drop some of these side plots, and had more time for the main plot. I want to mention again that there was no need for the eye scene, it seemed like it was violent just be violent. You can have all of Barbra's scene's too while your at it because it seems like there just there for me dislike that character less and less. I missed a good few episodes before this and the status quo hasn't changed much. The cliffhanger isn't the best the most that they can do with it is Alfred dies and becomes the Outsider for a little while until Bruce can cure him.

So overall this episode was okay. I liked everything with the Red Hood Gang and the GCPD, but everything else I can give or take. Gotham hasn't been the best, but you should at least check it out if your a Batman fan. For me though I doubt I'll watch much more of this show. I don't know how long it will be until I update again so I guess I'll see you then. Have a good night everyone.