Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog #52 Review

Today I'm going to look at something different. If your a gamer you probably heard of Sonic the Hedgehog. The original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Genesis was the first game I ever played. So without further delay let's take a look at Sonic the Hedgehog #52. The cover is good, it has a Noir feeling to it and it suits the theme of the comic. The comic opens with Sonic and Tails running around. They stop when they see a floating Leisure Suit. Random.

Sonic decides to chase after the suit, which lead him into cave. The cave transports him into another dimension where everything is drawn like a 50's Noir movie, and Sonic is a detective. This makes my brain hurt, what was the leisure suit, why is everything Noir all of a sudden, and why is Sonic a detective. Anyway Detective Sonic is waiting for someone in a dance hall. It turns out the person he's waiting for is Sally, who wants him to locate her "friend" Nicole who knows how to stop Robotnik from turning people into robots. Sonic excepts, and runs to find Nicole.

Sonic finds a abandoned factory, it has robot oil in it so Sonic suspects Robotnik. Sonic talk's to his Uncle Chuck through a wrist watch communicator, and asks if there are any robots around. There are four, and Sonic goes looking for them. He finds them, and two of them look pretty familiar don't they:

It's Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000. This is something else Archie's Sonic Comics likes to do,put cameos in the background. Anyway Sonic easily beats three of them, and only Crow remains. Sonic takes something from Crow which distracts him and he flies into a building. The thing Sonic took from Crow was Sally's "friend" Nicole which turns out to be a hand-held computer. Sonic returns the computer to Sally but Robotnik has found them.

Robotnik reveals that Sally is the "Princess" of the rebellion, and the computer has information that could defeat him. Robotnik is about to finish them but Sonic uses a power ring to super speed away with Sally. Robotnik leaves to go after them but they where really hiding under a table. Sonic arranges for a plane to take Sally to safety, and she asks him if he wants to join the rebellion. At first he disagrees but excepts after he realizes together they could stop Robotnik once and for all. The comic ends with Sonic going back to his dimension not understanding what just happened.

This comic is good but a bit confusing. I like the 50's Noir feel of everything, and the story wasn't the worst. Out of all the classic Sonic comics I read this one is probably one of the best. The story's now are much better, and I do recommend them if your a fan of the Sonic games. I would love to review another one in the future.

Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comic Panel of the Week: Doctor Strangefate

The name is stupid, but the character is bad ass.

My Opinion on Megaman Legends 3 Being Cancelled


Originally I wasn't going to talk about this, especially since this is a blog for comic books but this is just ridiculous. First off, Capcom you can go to hell. You think that there's not enough interest in this franchise, tell that to the Megaman fans the people that signed a petition so that a game that should of been made 10 years ago gets made. What? Did you run out of money making 100 variations of all your fighting games. Maybe it was so you can remake Dead Rising 2 but instead of playing as Chuck you get to play as Frank West.

Megaman Legends 3 was one of the only reasons I was going to buy a 3DS, so the only reason I will buy one is if they remake Majora's Mask for the 3DS. I'm done with Capcom. I feel bad for every fan who's hopes have just been shattered, and for the people who donated such amazing designs. They could of at least released the demo. I'm going to go play Megaman 64, and watch as Capcom loses what little fans they have left.

Capcom you FAIL.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Captain America" First Thoughts

This movie is pretty good. Compared to the other 3 Captain America movies this is great, but it does have it's flaws. For starters the costume, he wears 3. The first one is basically a cheap version of his comic costume I liked it but it wasn't the best, the second costume is a jacket over the first costume with a helmet and goggles, and the last is the costume on the poster. It looks like the ultimate version of Captain America, it's not bad but the face looks weird and I preferred the second costume.

 Even though it was good it seemed a bit rushed, and I thought it could of been longer. Overall though it a enjoyable movie, now the next marvel movies coming out are the Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man so I'll see you then.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Opinion on The Return of Cable

This could be a good or a bad thing. On the one hand it could be well written, but it's written by Jeph Loeb and his track record with Marvel Books hasn't been that great. With comics like Ultimates 3, and Ultimatum it could be bad but then again he also wrote Hush and The Long Halloween. So once again it could be great or it could be crap.

It's stuff like this that makes me think there's a conspiracy to bring back the 90's. Cable's coming back, and Rob Liefeld is drawing Hawk and Dove. Liefeld also thinks Hawk is like a mix between the Hulk and Wolverine. Anyway that's my opinion on the return of Cable.

Friday, July 22, 2011

X-Force #11 Review

Today where going to go back, and look at the horror that is 90's X-men. You may remember my review of "Uncanny X-men #329" while that was a bad comic it's nothing compared to the X-Force. So without further adieu, let's take a look at X-Force #11.

The cover is bad. It suggests that Deadpool is in a fight with Domino and Shatterstar but the way it's drawn with Domino in the background it just looks like Deadpool is attacking something off panel and to the right. Anyway the comic opens with the X-force going underground to confront the Morlocks. Cable tells them that there leader has fallen, and they better not attack them again. When then cut to the X-force's base where Shatterstar is training. Deadpool is watching, planing his attack.

Deadpool charges in, and easily beats Shatterstar. He then continues his search for Domino. In a latter comic Domino is revealed to be Copycat in disguise who infiltrated the X-force for Mr.Tolliver. Deadpool, and Copycat also use to go out. Back to the comic, Deadpool finds Domino in the computer room. They fight while Deadpool asks why she hasn't reported in a long time.

Deadpool asks her if she's fallen for Cable, but Domino has had enough but Deadpool beats her.Instead of killing her he let's her live, telling her to make sure he dosen't have to come back again. We cut to a S.H.E.I.L.D. helicarrier where  Bridge and Kane are arguing about what Cable's plan's are. Kane says he's going to bring Cable down and in a two page spread he has assembled a new team called Weapon: P.R.I.M.E.

 This is where the art is really bad, Kane's body look like it's twisted around. Anyway the team consists of Kane, the Wendigo, what looks to be a random biker, and is that the White Dino Ranger.

 Wow Liefeld has managed to copy a character that wasn't even created yet. Anyway, the comic ends with Mr.Tolliver revealing that he has the "real" Domino trapped in his basement. 

This comic isn't that good. The art is bad, the character motivations only make sense latter on. The fight scenes are dull. The only good thing about this comic is Deadpool.

Rating: 2/5

Sorry there weren't many page's from the comic. Older comics are harder to find scans for.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Opinion on Spider-Island

Ultimate Spider-Man may be dead but the original Marvel universe's Spider-Man lives on and it's asking the question "What if everyone in New York had Spider-Man's powers?" I'm not going to lie when I first heard about this I thought It was stupid, but my opinion has changed. Last week I got the free preview of Spider-Island, and it got me hyped. The story is everyone in New York gets "infected," and Jameson quarantine's the city. It's an interesting dynamic, the people of New York don't have Uncle Ben's words of wisdom or Peter's understanding that the powers are a curse as well as a gift. Other heroes, like Captain America for example, are also going to get Spider powers.

Spider-Island will also mark the return of Miles Warren A.K.A. The Jackel who was responsible for Clone Saga, he will also apparently play a big role in Spider-Island. Among those who get powers is Carlie Cooper who is Peter Parker's current girlfriend. I like the character, however the events leading to them going out, One More Day, is still stupid.

Overall I think this is going to be awesome, and I'm also looking forward to some of the tie-ins such as "Spider-Island: Deadly Foes #1" and "Venom #6." Anyway, keep on swinging!

Read my review of "Ultimate Spider-Man #160" here

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashpoint: Project Superman #1 Review

Superman is probably the most well known Superhero in comics. Superman is the last son of the planet Krypton, his father Jor-EL sent him to the planet Earth in order to help them. He first appeared in Action Comics #1 probably the most valuable comics of all time, selling for 1 million dollars at an auction last year.

But this is not his story, so let's take a look at Project Superman. The cover is good, it catches the readers eye. The comic opens with someone looking over London as it burns. The narrator tells us that he has to kill a Superman, and that he once volunteered to become one as it cuts to 30 years ago. We are introduced to Lieutenant Sinclair, a volunteer for a Meta-Human experiment.

Sinclair was brought in because he has experienced Meta-Human incidents before so he's the best person for the job. He is introduced to General Lane, and after a tour of the facility the experiment begins. Two years later he is still being tested on, he has developed near invulnerability, his hair has also gotten spikey. He wishes to go outside to train since he feels trapped in the facility but they refuse and he notices how distant he is from everyone else.

After more experiments he gets more powers like energy absorption, and once again his hair has become more spikey like he's a Super Saiyan. He also has X-ray Vision, and Super Hearing which he keeps to himself so he can spy on everything that going on in the facility. He hears some scientists talking about Project Six, which was revealed in Booster Gold #25 to be Doomsday.

It is also explained that they used Doomsday's DNA to give Sinclair his powers, and he is evolving to quickly. Sinclair then has a meeting with General Lane who dosen't trust him. We then cut to a year later, where Sinclair is heading to a village to capture a target for the CIA. There is a throw away line about Lionel Luthor, and I have to wonder if Flashpoint Lionel Luthor looks like John Glover. Anyway, Sinclair runs through their defenses effortlessly, absorbing everyone's weapons energy. However he loses control, and destroys everyone including his support team. General Lane tells him to stand down but he refuses.

They trapped Sinclair in the basement, so he won't turn against them. Sinclair spies on people with is X-ray Vision when an alarm goes off...

...Above in the skies in Metropolis metors start to fall from the sky. Destroying most of the city. The comic ends with a familiar rocket ship in the middle of the destruction carrying Sinclair and mankind's only hope.

This comic is great. Sinclair is a great character, and we see his evolution from human to a Super human. As the comic goes on his speech bubbles change from normal to jagged and red. His origin is similar to Captain Americas, a person who volunteered to get super powers. However in Captain America's case he is still human however Sinclair is evolving into an unstoppable monster.

There is also some similarities with Dragonball Z, every time Sinclair gets stronger his hair gets more spikey. Anyway this is a good comic, and I hope Sinclair stays a character in the new DC Universe. I recommend this comic to anyone who is interested in Superman.

Rating: 3/5

Also for those who are wondering what the Flashpoint Universe's Superman looks like here:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashpoint: The Outsider #1 Review

I know I'm cheating, last week I said I was going to review a good Batman comic. But the thing is Outsider was originally a Batman villain and Batman is in it, sort of. But before we look at this comic, time for some back story. The Outsider originally appeared in Detective Comics #334 in 1964, the Outsider was a Batman villain who had a very weird/interesting back story. It turns out the Outsider was really Alfred who sacrificed his life to save Batman and Robin, his corpse was stolen and a scientist used a regeneration ray to bring him back to life. Which turned him evil...

...eventually he turns back to normal, and everything is just peachy. However 47 years later an event happens called Flashpoint. Flashpoint is a big event going on right now, basically the plot is Reverse-Flash ran backwards through time and screwed up continuity. Which caused a lot of changes in the world for example Bruce Wayne was shot instead of his Father, which lead to his Father becoming Batman instead of Bruce. So with out further delay lets take a look at The Outsider#1. The cover is pretty good, the Outsider is standing over what looks like the Corpses of Batman, Cyborg, Abin Sur, and Blackout.

The comic opens in 1960 in the slums of Chandigarh, India. A woman is having a child. The woman is in tremendous pain, and dies after giving birth. The father is upset over this and tells his mother to take the baby away. However the baby's eyes glow ominously. We then cut to people running a away as a giant sink hole that is forming in the middle of the village, killing everyone except the baby who's skin is made of stone.

The narration explains that India blamed Pakistan for the disaster thinking Pakistan tested a atomic bomb on Indian soil. This created a war, and America had to intervene . The comic then cuts to today, we are told the Baby got sent to an orphanage where he was named Michael Desai. But now a days he more commonly referred to as the Outsider. The Outsider is in a meeting with Cyborg, discussing the war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons. The Outsider does not want to join Cyborg's army without Batman, so he declines.

One of his "employees" tells him one of his spies was killed by the amazons, the spy is revealed to be Alfred Pennyworth.

I assume this is a reference to Alfred being the Outsider in normal Continuity. But as another reference to normal continuity she tells him they have information on Adam Blake (A.K.A Captain Comet) however before she can tell the Outsider they are attacked by Mr. and Mrs. Terrific and Izumi Yasunari.

One of the Outsiders henchmen activate a Guard Statue which cuts Mr. Terrific in half. Mrs. Terrific doesn't take her husbands death well and kills a bunch of Outsiders henchmen but Outsider if unaffected.

They want revenge because the Outsider sent them to jail. But the Outsider just shoots her. It barley hits her and she taunts him. He reveals that it was just a distraction as the guard statue cuts her head off. Yusunari uses his fire powers to destroy most of the Outsiders base and the remaining henchmen. Once again the Outsider isn't effected, and tell Yusunari that he went to far.

The Outsider then runs through the fire and punches a hole through Yusunari. Later the Outsider discovers they didn't escape jail they were released by an unknown person in order to kill him. The comic ends with the Outsider wondering who wants him dead, wit a bunch of monitors displaying various heroes, including what looks like Damian Wayne as Robin, and a silhouette that looks like Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

This comic I good but not great. The action is good, and I like the Outsider as a character. Despite him not being Alfred he still acts like him, for instance he is seen drinking tea through out the comic and the cover itself reminds me of a certain Batman cover.

The Outsider also appears to be as strong and as invulnerable as Superman, and while im on the subject he also reminds me of Lex Luthor, the bald business man who doesn't like to get his suit dirty. Anyway I really liked this comic.

Rating: 4.5/5

But we aren't done yet next week we are going to look at another Flashpoint tie-in. So see you next week when i will review Flashpoint: Project Superman #1.

Friday, July 1, 2011

All-Star Batman and Robin #7 Review


I have something really ridiculous today. But first we have to talk about Frank Miller. Frank Miller is a comic book writer that is best known for the Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, 300, and Sin City. I can't really speak for his other works but I have read most of his Batman books. In 2005 Frank teamed up with Jim Lee in order to write a mini-series under DC's All-Star imprint. As of right now it still has not finished it's 16 issue run even thought it has been 6 years. Only 10 issues were released leaving 6 more to go.

This comic is supposed to take place between Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns, So let's see if this comic is as good as those two. The cover is of Batman and Black Canary beating up some criminals, while not the worst cover ever it's still not that good. Neither of them look like there fighting anyone, they just look like there posing. At least it's better then Frank Miller's variant cover, where it looks like a caveman stole Batman's costume.

The Comic starts with Batman laughing like a maniac, while narrating "Striking TERROR. Best part of the JOB." while attacking a bunch of criminals, who are apparently selling bleach for some reason. Batman then takes one of the bottles and uses a flare to catch it on fire. Throwing it at the criminals, catching several of them as well as the dock itself on fire. This is impossible since I'm pretty sure bleach is not flammable and even if it was it would not make an explosion so big it catches several people as well as a dock on fire.

The criminals start to scream that it hurts, but Batman then tells them they don't know what "hurt" means. So he shows them the true meaning of pain by punching one of them in the face. I'm no expert but I think a punch to the face would hurt less then being SET ON FIRE! As he beats up the rest of the criminals we zoom out to Black Canary who was watching the whole time, and guess what she's narrating too, about how much she loves the "Goddamn Batman." Green Arrow is going to be really pissed about this when he finds out. Black Canary tells Batman he's hot and they apparently have sex, while the criminals are burning to death in the background.
Classy DC...

I mean the dock is obviously on fire and last time we saw the criminals they were all on fire. So Batman pretty much just murdered a bunch of people then had Sex within spitting distance of there still burning corpses. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FRANK! Plus you would think that someone would of called the fire department due to the huge cloud of smoke rising from the docks. But anyway, Batman offers to drive Black Canary home while making fun of Superman for some reason. On the way back Black Canary tells Batman he should talk to someone, someone he's not punching in the face.

Batman just tells her to shut up, and starts to narrate again "She's got a right to say whatever she WANTS. She's got a RIGHT to say whatever she WANTS. She's got the RIGHT. THOMAS JEFFFERSON and all that." So if it's not already apparent Batman in this comic is completely insane, and no that's not a typo they really spelled Thomas Jefferson with three F's. Batman continues to tell us that he's not insane by narrating some more "She's dead RIGHT to say I'm half-CRAZY. But only half. The OTHER half is doing JUST FINE." Nope your completely nuts. Speaking of we go to Dick Grayson who Batman just kidnapped and trapped in the batcave with no food. Dick thinks he's going crazy because he chopped a Rat in half with an Battle Axe since it was hissing at him. But he seems fine I mean it's not like he's going to go crazy, and try to kill Batman in the future that would be silly.
From Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Which is also bad.

Oh yeah. But can you really blame him. Batman comes into the Batcave with a man tied up, he causally tells Dick "I've brought the man who MURDERED your PARENTS..." and that the man's fate is in is hands, is he going to be "An AVENGER--or a DETECTIVE". If I were Dick I would go with the Avengers because while they have problems I don't think they ever kidnapped a twelve year old. Anyway Dick starts to beat up his parents killer while Batman watches, and guess what. He's still narrating! "I had to find a clear VIEW. I don't want to miss a BIT of this" Dick get's the man to tell him who hired him to kill Dick's parents. Batman narrates on last time, "I don't like his ANSWER. Not one BIT." The comic ends with a playing card with the Joker's face on it.

If it isn't obvious this comic isn't good. The characters don't act like there suppose to, and the dialogue is repetitive. However Jim Lee's art is pretty good, and the comic is fun in a "So bad it's good kinda way." Overall I wouldn't recommend it but if your in the mood for some good laughs I'd check this out. But remember that your more laughing at it then with it.

Rating: 1/5

Next week I'm going to review a good Batman comic.