Friday, July 22, 2011

X-Force #11 Review

Today where going to go back, and look at the horror that is 90's X-men. You may remember my review of "Uncanny X-men #329" while that was a bad comic it's nothing compared to the X-Force. So without further adieu, let's take a look at X-Force #11.

The cover is bad. It suggests that Deadpool is in a fight with Domino and Shatterstar but the way it's drawn with Domino in the background it just looks like Deadpool is attacking something off panel and to the right. Anyway the comic opens with the X-force going underground to confront the Morlocks. Cable tells them that there leader has fallen, and they better not attack them again. When then cut to the X-force's base where Shatterstar is training. Deadpool is watching, planing his attack.

Deadpool charges in, and easily beats Shatterstar. He then continues his search for Domino. In a latter comic Domino is revealed to be Copycat in disguise who infiltrated the X-force for Mr.Tolliver. Deadpool, and Copycat also use to go out. Back to the comic, Deadpool finds Domino in the computer room. They fight while Deadpool asks why she hasn't reported in a long time.

Deadpool asks her if she's fallen for Cable, but Domino has had enough but Deadpool beats her.Instead of killing her he let's her live, telling her to make sure he dosen't have to come back again. We cut to a S.H.E.I.L.D. helicarrier where  Bridge and Kane are arguing about what Cable's plan's are. Kane says he's going to bring Cable down and in a two page spread he has assembled a new team called Weapon: P.R.I.M.E.

 This is where the art is really bad, Kane's body look like it's twisted around. Anyway the team consists of Kane, the Wendigo, what looks to be a random biker, and is that the White Dino Ranger.

 Wow Liefeld has managed to copy a character that wasn't even created yet. Anyway, the comic ends with Mr.Tolliver revealing that he has the "real" Domino trapped in his basement. 

This comic isn't that good. The art is bad, the character motivations only make sense latter on. The fight scenes are dull. The only good thing about this comic is Deadpool.

Rating: 2/5

Sorry there weren't many page's from the comic. Older comics are harder to find scans for.

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