Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Opinion/Review on the DCYou Superman



Okay, where to begin. DC has decided that alot of there book's since the start of the New 52 have lacked Diversity, so they have gotten rid of it and replaced it with DCYou. So we're actually getting some fun and comedic books instead of the very boring "dark" and "edgy" stuff we've been getting for the last few years. If you've read any of my other stuff you probably know already that I think this is a good idea. Anyway they have also decided to update some of there more iconic characters such as making a new Batman after Bruce Wayne's "death", making Green Lantern a villain again (Kinda, it's a bit complicated), and course what were here to talk about Superman.

So for those of you who don't already know, alot of stuff has happened to the Man of Steel behind the scenes while Convergence was going on. Lois Lane figured out that Superman was Clark Kent and for reasons that have yet to be revealed decided to put this on the front page of the Daily Planet revealing his secret to the entire world. To add injury to insult Clark has been losing his powers, possible due to his new Super Flare ability. Essentially he's about the same power level he was at back in the original Action Comic's #1. He's stronger and faster then a regular human but nowhere as fast as he was, he can kinda still leap tall buildings in a single bound but he can no longer fly, and his skin is tough but not invulnerable.

I will now attempt to recap everything that has happened so far in this storyline. If you want to know which issues I'm getting these plot points from they are follows: Divergence #1, Divergence: Action Comics Preview, Divergence: Superman/Wonder Woman Preview, Action Comics #41, and Batman/Superman #21.

Clark tries to go to the Fortress of Solitude with the hope it can fix him. After a battle with Shadow creatures he try's to go into the Fortress however it's defenses don't recognize him, and assumes his suit has been stolen so it takes his Kryptonian Armor with the exception of a few torn pieces of his cape. So lost and cold he makes his way back to humanity buys a Superman shirt cause hey it works for Superboy. He also buy's a motorcycle from some very stupid people, and drives to Metropolis which is under Quarantine encase Clark infected them with Alien Germs.

Also at some point Clark goes to the JLA satellite in order to steal a spaceship that he plans to fly into the sun which he thinks will restore his powers. Thankfully Wonder Woman stop's him cause that was stupid. However Clark rewards her by telling her that he doesn't love her anymore. Not the best time. He also goes to see if Lex Luthor has anything to do with his loss of powers. Lex doesn't even by that Clark is Superman, and asks him where the real Superman is. Lex also reveals that he has a lead on the Shadow monsters that keep attacking Clark, which leads them to Gotham where he has his first confrontation with the GCPD's new Batman. Knowing that Batman isn't Bruce he goes to the Batcave and finds Alfred who tells him of Bruce's "Death".

So far this storyline has been interesting, seeing the previews I thought they were going to go a different direction with it. Trying to make a darker version of Superman however what we got (at least in Action Comics #41) was a even more human Superman. Seeing him experience hunger, sleepiness, and coldness with such joy is just fantastic. It's great to see him enjoying the little things in life we sometimes take for granted or even think of as nuisance. It's amazing that even though everything he's been trough he's still Superman and more importantly he's still Clark Kent. Alot of people think of Clark Kent as the mask and Superman as who he really is. But he was always Clark Kent. He doesn't look down at us because he's has all these powers, he has hope for Humanity because he is one of us. He is Clark Kent.

As for the design, it's grow on me a bit. It's going for the earlier New 52 design but it's fine. I like that they went with the older version of the Superman Shield with the Black background instead of the yellow. It works with the less powerful and more of a people's champion version of the character there going for. I'm not sure about the really short hair but I don't really mind it too much. However I don't like how he raps his torn cape around his hands, I know why he does it but it's a bit silly.

Overall I'm interested where there going with this. I just hope they don't just say this isn't actually Clark, I have the sneaking suspicion they might since both the JLA Satellite and the Fortress' Defenses didn't recognize him. Also just one last thing, I know this is stupid, but does anyone else think that since he's losing his powers the GCPD should of got him to be the new Batman. I don't know, I thought it would of been cool. Anyway thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Opinion on Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice

It is 3 in the morning. I could be talking about stuff I wanted to talk about like DC's new direction for Superman, Convergence: Blue Beetle, or Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles. But no, I decided to talk about Sonic. So a bit earlier today news of a third game in the "Sonic Boom" series came out, and for the record I'm not as harsh on this series as alot of other people. I thought "Rise of Lyric" was really bad and "Shattered Crystal" was better then most people give it credit for. I actually liked "Shattered Crystal" more then both versions of "Sonic Lost World" but I digress.

"Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice" is a sequel /follow-up to "Shattered Crystal' and is being developed by the same studio "Sanzaru Games." I have very little doubt that this will be a horrible game however this game should probably not have been made. The other two games didn't sell the best, the game store I got "Shattered Crystal in had only one copy and the Employee's didn't even know it was out, and the game has such a stigma attached to it. Within hour's of "Rise of Lyric" release it was being called one of the worst game ever made and that it is bad as "Sonic '06."

I personally don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be. It's definitely a bad game but I don't know about the worst game ever. I know the only reason it's getting made is to advertise show but making sub-par games, especially if they have the Sonic name attached to them, is just asking for trouble. Those fan's can be very aggressive if you don't make them their perfect Sonic game.

As for the game itself, it look's good. It won't be the best game ever made but it doesn't have to be. If you expect that out of game's your going to be let down every time. One legitimate complaint I do have is that they obviously reused assets from "Shattered Crystal," so I hope they try to make them distinct or we will end up with two games that are almost indistinguishable. I also hope they try to make more variety in stages and a bit more memorable music. Maybe some of that dubstep music that was in the original trailer for "Rise of Lyric" but for some reason you decided not to put in the game. Other then that try to keep an open mind.

I have found out that the show is on hiatus and the comic series is being cancelled after the Worlds Unite crossover. So there is even less of a reason for this game to exist. It's shame because the Comic was really good. At least when Ian Flynn was writing it.