Saturday, November 21, 2015

Comic Panel of the Week: The Question Out Thinks Brainiac 5

Since I can't find the time to give it a proper review I'll just show it off here. Convergence: Blue Beetle. Check it out. Especially if you like the old Charlton Heroes or Len Wein's run from the 80's. Or even if your only familiar with the 2006 series with Jaime Reyes, read it. You shouldn't be disappointed.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Death Note (2015 Live Action Tv Series) 1st Episode" First Thoughts



Death Note is one of my favorite animes of all time so naturally when I heard that there was going to be a live action series I was a bit excited. However I didn't really know of a way to watch it and I heard alot of bad things about it. However thanks to Crunchyroll I was able to finally see it.

For those of you who have seen the anime or read the manga there are somethings that may turn you off to this series. For example the main character Light Yagami is very different. Unlike the anime where he is a overachieving high school who is bored with his life who quickly develops a god complex once he gains the power of the Death Note, the Light in this show is a bit of a slacker. He doesn't want to do anything important with his life or be super rich he just wants to have a normal average life. He doesn't even want to be a policeman like he did in the anime.

I can definitely see why some people wouldn't like this but I think it actually makes sense. In this show he is more of a real person, after he writes his first name down in the Death Note he tries to undo it and when the person actually dies he is realistically guilty and looks like he is going to be sick. When he then writes down a second name in order to save his Father and a hostage he breaks down and tries to kill himself. However he is essentially blackmailed by the Shinigami Ryuk into keeping the Death Note.

Light in this show so far doesn't seem have a God Complex, he doesn't even see himself as a hero. The only reason he's keeping the Death Note is to prevent Ryuk from giving it to a criminal. He doesn't say he wants to be god but he does want to use the Death Note to help the world. However when he kills Lind L. Tailor for insulting him it comes completely out of character for what there doing with Light in this show. But so far I'm interested where there going with this and whether or not by the end he will go down the same road as his Anime counter-part.

Some of the other important character changes are to my favorite character L. In this show L is much more closer to the anime then Light but I don't like some of the small things. Some of his weird mannerisms are gone and he much more of a smug a**hole. He also seems to devalue life a bit more in this show. When Lind L. Tailor is killed in the anime he was just trying to test a theory but didn't actually think he was going to die and was actually a bit shaken by the fact Kira can kill with just a name and a face, but in this he seemed to assume that Lind was going to die. He also seems to be more of a d!ck to Watari.

The funniest change, or worst depending on how much you like the character is what they did to Mello. In this show Mello seems to be a puppet that Near talks to, as sort of a split personality thing. That's right, in this show Mello is essentially Scarface from Batman and Near is The Ventriloquist. That is hilarious. But I bet that a third of fan base hates this show just for that. Also I had to look it up online just to be sure (the scene was very dark) but Near is a girl. I don't know if they wanted to portray Near as a young boy so they cast a girl cause they do that in voice acting alot or they just wanted to make Near a girl. I guess I'll have too keep watching to find out.

Anyway that's most of my thoughts, I'm going to keep watching but I can't really recommend this show unless you've seen the anime. But even then if you seen it this show might piss you off so all I can say is go in with an open mind. Thanks for reading.