Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Opinion on "The Question in the New 52"


So the first part of Trinity War has come out today so I thought it was time I talked about it. Specifically the Question. Since it was hinted that the previous Question, Rene Montoya, died sometime between the old continuity and the New 52 we've been without the Question for most of the new continuity. However back in May of last year a new Question was revealed as part of something called the Trinity of Sin, along with the Phantom Stranger and are old friend Pandora that helped create the New 52 back in Flashpoint #6. This Question is an unknown person that did some horrible deed for which he was sentenced to forget who he was and all his facial features were removed. He went off the radar for a couple of months only to reappear at the end of Justice League #0.

During which he saves a child. Interesting to note his speech patterns are similar to his appearance in Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Strikes Again." He is looking for the other two members of the Trinity of Sin in order to figure out who he is. Despite his apparent villainous past he is shown here as a vigilante. So I guess he's a good guy now?

Then he appears at the end of Phantom Stranger #7 were it's revealed that Phantom Stranger knows who he is and knows what he's done. They both hate each other in this issue because of the sins they both committed. However he mostly acts out of character during this issue. The way it's written makes it seem like he knows everything that's happened, and he's acting more like he was before his memory was erased. He made one more appearance so far in Justice League #22.

Now he is more like he was in Issue #0, probably because they were both written by Geoff Johns. From the looks of it he is still trying to find Pandora and the Phantom Stranger. But he has also found out someone is trying to frame Superman for killing Doctor Light, and is trying to find out who it is. So that about covers all his appearances so far. He is going to be a major player in Trinity War though, and I can't wait to see how that turns out. This Question is still a mystery to the point we don't know if he's even good or evil. So the only way to find out is to keep reading. Overall though I like what Geoff Johns is doing with the character, however I really don't want him to turn into a full fledged villain. I guess well just have to wait and see.

NOTE:  I think I covered all his appearances in the New 52 so far but if I missed one feel free to tell me in the comments if I missed one.