Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashpoint: Project Superman #1 Review

Superman is probably the most well known Superhero in comics. Superman is the last son of the planet Krypton, his father Jor-EL sent him to the planet Earth in order to help them. He first appeared in Action Comics #1 probably the most valuable comics of all time, selling for 1 million dollars at an auction last year.

But this is not his story, so let's take a look at Project Superman. The cover is good, it catches the readers eye. The comic opens with someone looking over London as it burns. The narrator tells us that he has to kill a Superman, and that he once volunteered to become one as it cuts to 30 years ago. We are introduced to Lieutenant Sinclair, a volunteer for a Meta-Human experiment.

Sinclair was brought in because he has experienced Meta-Human incidents before so he's the best person for the job. He is introduced to General Lane, and after a tour of the facility the experiment begins. Two years later he is still being tested on, he has developed near invulnerability, his hair has also gotten spikey. He wishes to go outside to train since he feels trapped in the facility but they refuse and he notices how distant he is from everyone else.

After more experiments he gets more powers like energy absorption, and once again his hair has become more spikey like he's a Super Saiyan. He also has X-ray Vision, and Super Hearing which he keeps to himself so he can spy on everything that going on in the facility. He hears some scientists talking about Project Six, which was revealed in Booster Gold #25 to be Doomsday.

It is also explained that they used Doomsday's DNA to give Sinclair his powers, and he is evolving to quickly. Sinclair then has a meeting with General Lane who dosen't trust him. We then cut to a year later, where Sinclair is heading to a village to capture a target for the CIA. There is a throw away line about Lionel Luthor, and I have to wonder if Flashpoint Lionel Luthor looks like John Glover. Anyway, Sinclair runs through their defenses effortlessly, absorbing everyone's weapons energy. However he loses control, and destroys everyone including his support team. General Lane tells him to stand down but he refuses.

They trapped Sinclair in the basement, so he won't turn against them. Sinclair spies on people with is X-ray Vision when an alarm goes off...

...Above in the skies in Metropolis metors start to fall from the sky. Destroying most of the city. The comic ends with a familiar rocket ship in the middle of the destruction carrying Sinclair and mankind's only hope.

This comic is great. Sinclair is a great character, and we see his evolution from human to a Super human. As the comic goes on his speech bubbles change from normal to jagged and red. His origin is similar to Captain Americas, a person who volunteered to get super powers. However in Captain America's case he is still human however Sinclair is evolving into an unstoppable monster.

There is also some similarities with Dragonball Z, every time Sinclair gets stronger his hair gets more spikey. Anyway this is a good comic, and I hope Sinclair stays a character in the new DC Universe. I recommend this comic to anyone who is interested in Superman.

Rating: 3/5

Also for those who are wondering what the Flashpoint Universe's Superman looks like here:

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