Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ultimate Spider-Man #200 Review

---Spoiler Warning---

It's almost been Three Years since The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man. I remember it well since it came out on my last day of Highschool. Time really does fly, and Spider-Man has been through a lot in the last couple of years. We got a new Ultimate Spider-Man named Miles Morales who was very controversial in the beginning but most people grew to like him. Thanks to Bendis' we finally got a crossover between the Main and Ultimate Marvel Universes in Spider-Men. Then the original Peter Parker followed the Ultimate Universe's example and died as well. Replaced by a surprisingly "Heroic" Doc Ock, in Superior Spider-Man. Thankfully though they've undone that with the recent Superior Spider-Man #30 and the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #1.By the way someone get a phone because I Called It!

But I'm sure your not here to read my thoughts about that. So let's get started on Ultimate Spider-Man #200. As to be expected this is an milestone issue for the series, however it kinda feels like an Epilogue to me. The story takes place Two Years after Peter Parker's death, Aunt May is having a get-together at there house to commemorate the anniversary. Various characters from the old and new Ultimate Spider-man series' show up like Mary Jane, Miles, Ganke, Jameson, and Kitty Pryde. Just to name a few, and (in Ultimate Spider-Man tradition) they just talk. Mostly about how they all think Peter would be like if he was still alive. Some are really touching especially Kitty Pryde's:

Plus I'm pretty sure Iceman's is just the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. They then decide the best way to honor him is to do something nice for someone, and since they have plenty of food (thanks to a generous donation from Tony Stark as an apology for not being able to be there) they decide to give it to some homeless people at a shelter. The comic ends with everyone parting ways with new friendships formed, and old one rekindled as a mysterious person watches from the distance.

This has got be one of my favorite issue of a comic ever. Which is crazy because if I did a Top Five of my favorite single issues, 3 of them would be Ultimate Spider-Man. As for this issue I think the art is great, and like I said before the story is really touching. If your an Ultimate Spider-Man fan you probably already have this but if you don't It's a must buy.

As I mentioned earlier this feels like an epilogue to me, however that might be because I recently read through all of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man as well as various other Spider-Man books like Maximum Carnage, and Hobgoblin Lives. This was finally the comic that made me realize how much I actually missed Peter Parker, and if this was the last issue of  Spider-Man I ever read. I couldn't ask for a better one. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited for "Amazing Spider-Man #1" and let's not forget "Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1". Until next time, keep on swinging.

Rating: 5/5

((Final Note: Wow It's been  9 month's since I talked about a Superhero Comic, and over a year since I reviewed one! I really got to work on that.))

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