Saturday, October 27, 2012

Swamp Thing #56 Review


The countdown to Halloween continues, were so close but I still have one more comic to review before Halloween passes. However instead of reviewing another comic about Super Hero's and Zombies I decided to review something a bit more Sophisticated. Today were going to take a look at Swamp Thing.

The comic's story is about Swamp Thing being stranded on an alien planet after being separated from the green. He is alone, and in an attempt to cure his boredom he creates a clone of himself which he play's chess with. They stalemate five times and he allows it to kill itself. He then try's to create a clone of his deceased wife Abby out of the vegetation of the planet. 

He try's to trick himself into thinking that she is the real Abby, going so far to even recreate the town there from to further the illusion. He starts to fall for the it, however when they go to a restaurant they run into John Constantine. The Swamp Thing is surprised because he didn't create him, but it's revealed that he was created by the part of Swamp Thing that knows this is an illusion. So it created Constantine who taunts Swamp Thing for trying to pretend it was real, and for not trying to find a way back to earth.

Swamp Thing and Abby leave the restaurant, but it starts to rain distorting some of the buildings. With that the illusion is broken, and in his madness Swamp Thing starts to destroy the fake city. His madness fades, and the comic ends with him deciding to go to another world.

This comic is really good. It has really good characterization, and it does a really good job at displaying Swamp Thing's decent to madness. The art is fantastic, and the constant blue really makes this feel like a alien world. Overall it's a good read, and although it's more psychological then horror I recommend you read this around Halloween.

Rating: 4/5

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