Monday, October 15, 2012

Blackest Night: Starman #81 Review


It's that time of year again, were the leaves start falling out of the trees, the ghouls and ghost come out to frighten us, and I get increasingly annoyed that retailers start putting up Christmas stuff before Halloween is even over. It's a fun time, and to start I will review a tie-in to the DC Event Blackest Night. For those of you who don't know Blackest Night is a event in which the Personification of Death uses Black Rings to resurrect dead superheroes in order to destroy all life in the universe. So it's essentially DC Zombies.

The comic opens with a recap of the Death of David Knight the previous Starman, as a Black Lantern Ring resurrects him. We cut to two security guards in a museum, they are killed by the Black Lantern Starman, and it transforms one of Starman's weapons into an axe shaped object. We then cut to Shade, an ex-villian turned anti-hero. He talks with his girlfriend Hope, when she notices the sky has turned Black. We cut back to the Black Lantern who is killing a bunch of people in the city. The police try to stop him but there weapons don't affect him.

The Black Lantern tries to eat Hope's Father's heart but he is interrupted by Shade and Hope. The Black Lantern insults them trying invoke an emotion response but it doesn't affect Shade and they fight which ends with Shade having his heart ripped out. However since Shade is immortal it doesn't kill him, Shade takes the opportunity, and imprisons the Black Lantern in the Shadow Void. The comic ends with Hope wondering if what the Black Lantern said was true, but Shade assures her that they have the time to sort everything out.

This is one of the best tie-ins to Blackest Night. It has a good story, and character development. It also gives enough backstory in case you don't really know the characters. The art is great, and really fits the tone of this book. Overall it's a great comic, and it worth reading this Halloween.

Rating: 4/5

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