Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Arrow" First Thoughts


So before I start uploading some Halloween stuff were going to take a look at the new super hero show Arrow. I was half looking forward to this, and half dreading this. It looked okay from the trailers, but knowing the track record of the CW's shows I didn't have much hope. However I think I was surprised by the outcome.

To start I'll say what I liked. I actually liked Stephen Amell, I think he does a good job as Green Arrow. He's not as good as Justin Hartley or even James Arnold Taylor but he does a good job. I think the action scenes are good even though I could use some more of them. I also liked the comic references but that's also a problem.

The problems with the references is they don't really make sense. The main love interest is named Dinah Lance who is Black Canary in the comics. They do this all over the place, his best friend is named Merlyn, and his sister's nickname is Speedy and she does drugs. Referencing the comics while changing them completely isn't really a good way to go. This is why a lot of comic book fans hated Smallville. Hell that's the reason everyone hates Dragonball Evolution.

The one reference I think really worked was that Deathstroke's Mask was on the island they found Oliver on. Being a huge Titans fan I'm really wondering what there going to do with him, but I do have to wonder how it got on the island, and I hope this isn't just another pointless reference. Another problem is the way Oliver kills randomly. Despite my whole thing about superheroes shouldn't kill, It's not the fact that he kills that bother's me. It's the fact he kills some random goons that kidnapped him but didn't kill the man he wants revenge on. Not sure what that's about. Overall it's not bad so far, but I'm really close to not liking it.

Rating: 3/5

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