Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marvel Zombies: Halloween One-Shot Review


Today were going to take a look at more superhero zombies, but this time there from the company across the street. Marvel Zombies is a series that was started in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four when they teased a crossover between the Ultimate and main Marvel Universes. The story spawned a sequel and then it's own solo-series that just won't die. Sorry for the pun. Today were going to take a look at the latest adventure into the Zombie universe in Marvel Zombies: Halloween.

The comic is about a woman and her son trying to survive the zombie outbreak. The son wants to know what Halloween is, and she show's him what it is. He dresses up as Wolverine, and she plan's to go out and try to find some candy. She tells him to stay at the house while she's gone but he leaves after his cat runs away.

He try's going trick or treating, and runs into an old man that is mysteriously uncaring of the situation. He thinks he see's his cat but it turn's out to be a squirrel being controlled by a Zombie Squirrel Girl. He runs into other Zombie Superheroes who are about to eat him, but he is saved by his mom. The zombies chase them threw an abandoned school, and they hide. The zombies run into the old man from before who set's them on fire revealing himself to be Mephisto.

Mephisto goes and talks to the mother revealing her to be Kitty Pryde. He tells them that he helped them in order for the son to one day make a deal with him. He leaves and the two of them go back to there home. Kitty tells her son that she wont let Mephisto take him, and the comic ends with her telling him that she found his cat on the way back.

I actually liked this comic much more then I though I would. It has a heart that most of the other Marvel Zombies stuff doesn't have. It has a good story, and I didn't see the twist coming. It has good characters, and it's an overall enjoyable read. Especially for a horror comic. I definitely recommend this.

Rating: 4/5

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