Friday, November 2, 2012

Megaman: Proto-Type Part One and Two Review


It's time to take a look at more of Archie's Megaman series, and I'll get back to reviewing the issues in order but for today I'm going to skip ahead a bit. Today were looking at the two part story Proto-Type which was featured in issues 17 and 18. It details the origin of the character Protoman. So let's get started.

The story opens with Megaman sorting threw information on Doctor Light's computer, when he finds something peculiar. It turns out he wasn't the Doctors first creation, a robot named Blues came before him. He questions the Doctor about it, and he starts to explain. Blues was created to be a Military Robot.

During a performance test Blues starts to malfunction, due to an imbalance in his power core. Later Blues overhears a conversation between Light and Wily in which they argue about fixing his Power Core, and the fact it might erase his free will. Blues questions them about it but Light says he'll make sure it won't happen, however later that night Blues hears Light talking to a colleague about rewriting Blues' data. Feeling betrayed Blues leaves, and goes out on his own. The first part ends with Megaman resolving to go searching for him, but this story isn't over yet.

The second part is about what Blues did on his own. He try's to befriend other robots but they are just work robots and they don't have free wills like him. He resolves to spend the rest of his day's in solitude maintaining minimal output in order to live longer. However he overhears a motorcycle gang harassing a family so he goes, and stops them. He even references Megaman X2. He decides to go around and help people, but his time is running out.

He decides to go back to Light, thinking he was a fool to doubt the Doctor. However when he arrives Light has already created two new robots, and feeling betrayed again Blues leaves to find a machine graveyard where he can rest in peace. However he blacks out before can get there only to be found by some of Wily's Robot Masters. The story ends with Blues waking up in Wily's lair, repaired. This story is great. It has good characters, and a great plot. This gives even more depth to the characters from the games, and is a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend this.

Rating: 4/5

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