Friday, November 23, 2012

Journey into Mystery #646 Review


Today were going to take a look at a Thor comic, staring Lady Sif. The comic starts off weirdly enough with a parody of the theme song to Shaft. That's kinda random but anyway we see Sif saving children trapped in a burning city. A couple days later she visits the Children, she talks with their mother about how they keep losing every attack on there city. She then leaves to find strength to protect it. 

Sif goes to Niffleheim to see Nidhogg in order to find a way to become a more stronger and fiercer warrior. He tells her to go see Aerndis who will teach her a way to become stronger. When she goes there she tells Aerndis that she wish's to learn the Berserk Incantation. Which if you played Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem you'll know that this will probably not end well. Aerndis tells her that she is unworthy, and they talk for a bit. In the end Aerndis gives her what she came for, but it seems it has come at the cost of her sanity. Aerndis tells her to leave but Sif kills her. She then goes a town in Midgard, and the comic ends with Sif saying she wants to fight more.

This comic is pretty good. The art is really nice, and the story is good but it kinda goes overboard with the fantasy silliness and it's not afraid to make fun of itself at times. It actually has some funny jokes. However there are some really bad ones as well. The cut to her going to Niffleheim is a bit jarring, and it was a bit confusing during my first read since the way she segueway's into it makes it seem like the seconds half of the book was a flashback. Overall it's a pretty comic and I'm probably going to keep reading this.

Rating: 3/5

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