Friday, July 6, 2012

X-Force #4 Review


Today I was going to review a Spider-Man comic due to the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, but since I reviewed a Spider-Man comic two weeks ago I decided not to. However instead I chose a 90's X-men comic guest staring Spider-Man. But not just any 90's X-men comic, today were looking at X-Force. So let's get started.

The comic is mostly about Spider-Man and most of the X-Force trying to fight the Juggernaut after him and another villain named Black Tom Cassidy blew up one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade center. Right, in hindsight that's kind of in bad taste. I mean it's not the writers fault, how could they of known what would happened. But still. Anyway they fight the Juggernaut, and it goes as well as you'd expect it to go.
Anatomy? What's that?

Meanwhile Cable is trying to find Cassidy. When he does they start to fight. However the fight is cut short when Cassidy falls down an elevator shaft but manages to hold on. He asks Cable to help him but Cable tells him he won't save him, and shoots his hand causing him to fall. However Cassidy is saved by Deadpool because Deadpool's boss, Mr.Tolliver, has Cassidy on his hit list.

Back with the group, Siryn manage to remove The Juggernaut's helmet despite it being mystically connected to his armor. Cable arrives, and tells the Juggernaut he is going to kill him but before he can do anything Deadpool arrives, and  teleports the Juggernaut away. Bridge comes, and try's to arrest Cable but him and the team teleport away as well leaving Spider-Man behind. The comic ends with them wondering why Bridge is after them.

This comic is not very good. It's has really bad art, and atrocious panel layout. You see back in the 90's it was popular to have a two page spread that in order to read it you would have to turn the book on it side. This however is completely on it's side, which is weird and unnatural. The one time I thought something like this was used effectively was in Batman #5.

The characters don't really have any development, and Spider-Man really had no purpose to be here since all he does is fight Juggernaut and say funny lines. The only story we do get is from a narration at the beginning and from Deadpool. Who as always is the best part of X-Force. Overall this isn't really good, and I can't recommend it to any one.

Rating: 1/5

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