Thursday, July 19, 2012

Batman Week: Over the Edge Review


So this week I reviewed a Batman novel and a Batman movie, so now before I do my comic review I'm going to review an episode of Batman the Animated Series or The New Batman Adventures as it is known in this part of the shows history. So why did I pick this episode? Well it's one of my favorites and it does have Bane in it.

While trying to take down Scarecrow, Batgirl is kill after being thrown off of a building. She lands on Commissioner Gordon's car, and he takes of her mask revealing her to be his daughter Barbra. The Commissioner blames Batman, and starts to go after him. He finds out Batman's identity by looking at Barbra's computer. The police storm Wayne Manor, and Batman barely makes it out. Both Nightwing and Alfred are arrested, and Batman tells Robin to turn himself in.

The Commissioner is under investigation since his daughter was Batgirl and his connection to Batman over the years. Due to this he is force to step down as Commissioner, and as such he starts to resort to very extreme measures. He uses his Daughters funeral as bait, and hires Bane to defeat Batman. Bane win's but when the Commissioner says he want's to take Batman to jail Bane turn's on him and throws him off the building they are on.

The Commissioner manages to hold on to a ledge, while Batman subdues Bane. Batman tries to save the Commissioner but Bane uses what strength he has left to throw the Bat-signal at the both of them, causing them both to fall. It is then revealed that this was all Barbra having a dream sequence induced by the Scarecrows Fear Gas. Barbra then goes to tell her Dad that she's Batgirl, but before she can him he tells her that she is capable of making her own decisions implying that he already knew that she was Batgirl.

This episode is great, this is probably my second favorite episode in the whole series after Heart of Ice. The way it starts is a bit confusing, but it catches the viewer up pretty quickly. The first time watching this it might not be hard to figure out the twist ending but I still think it's effective. Some of the characters act wildly out of character but that might be due to the fact it's a dream sequence. Overall I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes Batman.

Rating: 4/5

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