Friday, July 13, 2012

Megaman Megamix Volume 3 Review


Today were going to check out something a little different. I'm going to review another manga. This time it's something a little bit more familiar. If don't know much about Megaman you should check out my review of issue one and two of the Megaman series by Archie comics. So let's get started.

This comic takes place during and a bit after Megaman 6, where Dr. Wily disguises himself as the host of the "First Annual Robot Master Tournament" in order to get his hands on some of the greatest Robots in the world to use to take over the world. He reprograms them and Megaman goes to stop him. After defeating him, he says he's changed like always. Megaman starts to walk away when Wily attacks him with another robot which Megaman destroys with one shot.

Wily fall's out of his robot, and starts to beg for forgiveness again. However Megaman put's his gun to Wily's head, and shoots him. It is revealed to be a dummy, and the real Wily get's away. Later Dr.Light and Roll are worried about Megaman since they haven heard from him for sixteen hours. They are interrupted by police robots lead by Ringman from Megaman 4. It turns out Megaman is attacking the city, and has declared war on humans.

Since Dr. Light programed him he is arrested for questioning along with Roll and all the other Robot Masters made by Dr. Light. Megaman is wandering around in his civilian form when he runs into Protoman. They fight and Protoman leaves after realizing something. Roll and the other Robot Master escape from jail thanks to some help from Ringman, and confront Megaman.

They ask him what's wrong but he says that nothing's wrong he just realized what the Humans did to the world. They have no choice but to fight him but he takes them down with out damaging them. Cutman doesn't believe he's the real Megaman, and it turns out he's right when the real Megaman shows up and reveals that the imposter is just a Copy Robot. The Copy Robot says he's the real Megaman and they fight. But the fight ends when the Copy Robot starts to overload and finds the Dr. Wily logo in his collar.

The Copy robot is angered by this since he thought he was the real one, and shoots at Megaman. However Roll takes the blast, and Cutman tries to destroy him. He is saved by Shadowman who takes him to a warehouse, and tells him to go find his own destiny. Then Bass attacks the city looking for a fight, and the Copy Robot decides to stall him until the real Megaman arrives.

Bass realizes that he's a fake, and put's him out of commission. Megaman arrives, and try's to save the Copy Robot. Bass tries to attack Megaman but the Copy Robot get's in the way and overloads causing him to explode saving Megaman in the process. Shadowman watches near by and calls Protoman a coward because he could of saved the Copy Robot. The comic ends with Megaman and Roll feeling sad about the Copy Robot while Protoman walks away into a crowd thinking that in his last moments the Copy Robot really was Megaman.

This manga is really good. It has good art, great character development, and an amazing story. My summary can't do it justice. It really makes you feel bad for the characters, even the ones that do horrible things. Overall I recommend this. If you think the Archie series is good, it's the Ruby-Spears cartoon compared to Megaman Megamix. 

Rating: 5/5

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