Thursday, July 5, 2012

"The Amazing Spider-Man" First Thoughts

So I just got back from The Amazing Spider-Man, and I really liked it. The action was good and almost all the actors were great. Especially Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They have good chemistry and it's going to be really sad if Gwen Stacy is killed off in the next movie. Rhys Ifans was also good as Curt Connors, but there was some inner monologues between his and the Lizards personalitys where I expected Willem Dafoe to appear in a mirror and start screaming "Avenge Me!"

This being a reboot people are naturally going to compare it to the other 3 Spider-Man movies. I really don't think this is fair since your comparing something that is completely different. Then you get the people who grew up with the other movies and think it bad because it's not what they grew up with. Like the people who grew up with the Tim Burton Batman Movies hating the Nolan movies even though they are closer to the source material.

Despite growing up with the other movies I like this one more as a Spider-Man Movie. Even though they were good, well except for the third one, the Sam Raimi Movie's never really felt like the Spider-Man comics or shows. I'm not saying I don't like them I just think this is much more closer to the source material, but does that make it a better movie? In this case I think it does. It feels much more on track, and the humor doesn't feel as forced.

Overall I think this is a good movie, and you should check It out. I'm really impressed between this, The Avengers, and Superman Vs. The Elite the Superhero movies are going much better this year then last year. All it will take is The Dark Knights Rises to be good, and we will have four great Superhero movies in one year.

Rating: 4/5

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