Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sentinel #1 Review


The problem with comics today is you can't really find a fun comic. It's always about being dark, realistic, violent and over sexualized. Just look at the New 52. Sure there are all ages comics, but with them you get the stigma of "it's bad because it's for kids." So when a fun comic like Blue Beetle and the comic I'm looking at today is released it sell's poorly and get's canceled. This is a shame since they can be really good but no one cares. I think it's about time this changed so that's why I'm going to look at Sentinel #1.

The story of Sentinel is about Juston Seyfert. An average high school outcast, who lives with his Dad and Brother in Wisconsin. His dad run's a Junkyard that they live next to. They don't really have a lot of money so he has to find his own way to entertain himself. Which mostly consists of him making things out of junk parts such as battle robots. One day he finds a control chip amongst the junk. The next day while eating lunch in a class room he meet's a girl named Jesse who look's like she's wearing a Moogle hat. That's kinda random.

Later that day while driving around with his friend in the forest they find a crater in the middle of nowhere, they wonder what caused it, and we see a giant robotic hand behind a tree. Even later, him and his brother are about fight with there robots when Juston's robot drives away by itself after he put the Control Chip in it. The comic ends with the Control Chip being revealed to belong to a Sentinel from the X-Men comics, who is using Juston's robot to rebuild itself.

This comic is actually pretty good. It has good art, and I like the characters. However it hasn't hit it's stride yet, and it will get better as it goes. This is a much better read in the Trade or if you have all the issues because it does feel really short. Overall it's not bad, but it hasn't become great just yet. I definitely recommend the series. 

Rating: 3/5

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