Friday, May 18, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 Review


So if you remember back in September I reviewed the first issue of this series. I was not a fan. So 8 issues and almost a year later did it get any better. Let's find out. This comic is a tie in to Scott Snyder's Batman, Talon's are going around attacking important people in Gotham. Alfred has send out a message to everyone in the Bat Family to help. Jason Todd of course get's the message, and goes after Victor Fries. Who many of you should know as Mister Freeze.

Mister Freeze is fighting off the Talon freezing a lot of the city in the process. Arsenal and Starfire go to save the civilians while Jason goes after the Talon. He find them, and Mister Freeze is not to happy. Jason and Mister Freeze get in to an argument, and the Talon get's away. Jason follows him while Arsenal and Starfire try to get Mister Freeze to calm down but they end up fighting. 

Jason follows the Talon to Haley's Circus where Jason finds out the Talons were brought back from the dead like him. Meanwhile Starfire and Mister Freeze fight,she thinks that a man of his genius should use his mind for something more then crime. He tells her that she doesn't know what she's talking about. However Arsenal sub-due's him by using an arrow to that shocks him.

Back with Jason, the Talon asks Jason to kill him because he wants to die on his own terms.Jason presumably does, and he goes to take Mister Freeze to the police. Batgirl is waiting for Batman at the police station, when Jason shows up. She's shock that he answered the call, and she tells him that it doesn't change the things he's done. The comic then ends with Jason, Arsenal, and Starfire leaving together.

This wasn't what I expected. It was actually good. Probably because it was actually a Batman book. The artwork is good, and the story isn't bad. I only recommend this if you've been reading Scott Snyder's Batman though. Now to the characters first up is Roy. I've come to terms with Roy. This is a much younger version of the character, as such he probably wouldn't have his daughter yet. However this doesn't mean that she doesn't exist at all, she just doesn't exist at this point in time.

I still have my problems with Starfire but she has become much more like she should of been since the beginning. Then there's Jason who acts like he always does. However a lot of the plot development he had near the end of the old continuity isn't there anymore. It really jarring since almost every thing that happened before the reboot still happened to Batman. I'm still wondering where the hell Scarlet went. She was more the just Jason's partner but someone he actually cared about. But anyway check it out if your a Batman fan.

Rating: 3/5

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