Friday, May 25, 2012

Marvels: Book Three Review


If you have any knowledge of the Marvel universe you know the citizens will turn on the heroes faster then a bullet train. This is what today's comic is about. Written by Kurt Busiek and drawn (or should I say painted) by the incredible Alex Ross, Marvels is a four issue mini-series about how normal average day people deal with some of the big events in the Marvel Universe. We see this through the eye(s) of Phil Sheldon a news photographer. So let's get started.

The events of this comic take place during the Fantastic Fours' first encounter with Galactus which I believe started in Fantastic Four #48. The story is about the already mentioned Phil Sheldon, who has been watching the heroes(whom he calls Marvels) since World War II. Now an old man and blind in one eye after he watched a fight between the original Human Torch and Namor. He works at the Daily Bugle with Ben Urich. Various things start to happen in New York like most of it being flooded and the sky turning into fire.

Finally Galactus arrives, and everyone starts to panic. The Fantastic Four try to hold him off but it seems Galactus is to much for them. After realizing that this might be the end of the world Phil decides that he has to spend his final moment's with his family, which he has been neglecting for most of the issue. He starts to walk home, some people are getting drunk, some still hold some hope, and others flee to churches. He eventually arrives home and embraces his wife and children as it seems everything is going to end.

However the Fantastic Four manage to stop Galactus, and he is very grateful. But the next day he realizes that a lot of people think it was a hoax and that they weren't in any real danger. Phil argue with J. Jonah Jameson, who printed that it was a hoax. He eventually storms out when Peter Parker brings in some pictures of Spider-Man, and Jameson is going to use them to make Spidey look bad.

Later he is called away to the White House because of something involving the X-men. As he pass's people on the street he over hears them talking about the heroes are bad. The comic end with him saying "You people! What do you need--the world to actually end?" and the tells them to look on the bright side of things for once in their lives.

This comic is great. The characters are likable for the most part, and the story is very touching. I'll admit it's even gut wrenching at some points. The art by Alex Ross is amazing as always. Overall this is a great book, and I recommend this whole series to anyone. Especially if you are invested in the Marvel Universe or the Fantastic Four.

Rating: 5/5

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