Friday, May 4, 2012

Avengers #1 (2010) Review

As you know, or should know, The Avengers came out today. As such I felt that it was fitting to review an Avengers comic. So let's check it out. This comic is about Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America) trying to make a new Avengers team. Inviting various heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Hawkeye, to name a few. Some of the heroes have there doubts since to them some of the big problems that happened in the last few years was the Avengers fault.

During a meeting they are interrupted by Kang the Conqueror who tells them that there offspring will cause an end to reality.Which probable has something to do with them killing Immortus at the beginning of the book. Kang tells them to go to the future, and stop there children or else he will use a Dark Matter Accelerator to destroy the world. The comic end with Kang returning to his own time, and the reveal that he was sent back by a future version of the Hulk.

There isn't a lot of story in this issue, mostly just set up. However there are some good character moments between Steve and Ironman as well as Wolverine and Spider-Woman. The art is a bit lacking. Some panels are great, but others are pretty bad. It's as if it were drawn by two different people. Over all it's a good start but it could of been better.

Ratings: 2/5

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