Saturday, May 12, 2012

Earth 2 #1 Review

----SPOILER WARNING----This comic is recent, as such there will be Spoilers-- 

So the Avengers has come and gone. So let's look at the other side of the pond at DC. At the very first and my personal favorite Superhero team, the Justice Society of America. The JSA played a big part in what got me into comics, so I was understandably pissed when some of my favorite superheroes disappeared in the DC reboot. However DC said they would appear again in this comic. So I was looking forward to this, but does it hold up. Let's check it out.

The story starts off five years ago in the parallel Earth, when Apokolips invaded. Eventually only a few heroes remained, and this was there last stand. Superman and Wonder Woman hold off the Parademons while Batman and his daughter Helena make there way to a beacon tower in order to upload a virus which will stop the invasion. Meanwhile Supergirl is protecting some soldiers.

While they fight, Wonder Woman is shocked by the appearance of the Roman God Mercury. He tells her the Gods are dieing, and that he wanted to thank her for restoring his fate in humanity. He flies off, and Wonder Woman is soon killed afterwards. Superman becomes distraught by her death. He get's overpowered by the Parademons and is killed to. Batman reaches the top of the tower, and tells Helena that when he upload the virus the tower will self destruct killing him in the process.

Helena cry's as the tower explodes, and she is soon joined by Supergirl. They see someone going into a boom tube, and follow them through it. We cut to five years later. Most of the world has returned to normal however there are still signs of the conflict. It's here we are introduced to the young versions of Alan Scott the original Green Lantern and Jay Garrick the original Flash.

Jay is dumped by Joan who want's someone more mature. He goes to look at the stars, and starts to wonder if she is right. Then he notices a shooting star, that crashes near by. The comic ends with him investigating and it's revealed the shooting star was Mercury who warns of another threat.

Alright I'm going to have to start with some good things. For one the art is great, the story and characters are good. In the first part. After the five year time skip, I started to dislike this book a bit. Mostly cause these aren't the characters that got me into comics. Alan Scott is cocky and Jay Garrick is a slacker. I don't have a big problem with Alan since this is before his accident, and I think I remember him being cocky before the accident in the original story too.

However Jay is not Jay. For one he was a scientist in the original story. I know he was a jock but he was still smart. Also it seems to insinuate that he's going to get his powers from Mercury, which I have mixed feelings about since every Flash was based in science and didn't have a lot of magic in it. Also how did the whole Flash running backward in time to stop himself from stopping Zoom, which somehow created the New 52 affect a different Earth. The science of the whole thing is bad already but now it's affecting other Earth's in the multiverse? What kind of sense does that make.

Anyway my problems are a bit nitpicky. I know I might be coming off as a bit of a fanboy. I mean it's still a good book and I will buy the next issue to check out how they handle the Flash. I just think these characters should be handled with more respect since they are some of the first superheroes ever made.

Rating: 4/5

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