Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Opinion of the "New 52" Cancellations

Of course you know by now that I really dislike the mass majority of the DC reboot. It seems like DC has decided to cancel six of the New 52 books and replace them with six new books. I kinda new this was going to happen. The books being canceled are Mister Terrific, Static Shock, Hawk and Dove (I'm sure no one is surprised by this), O.M.A.C., Men of War, and Blackhawks. I'm sure I'm the only one who was hoping Red Hood and the Outlaws was canceled, you all know that I hated that with a passion.

Anyway the 6 new comics are Batman Incorporated, Earth 2, World's Finest, The Ravagers, G.I. Combat, and Dial H. I'm not sure how to feel about some of these. Batman Incorporated is just a continuation of the Batman Incorporated book before the reboot, and World's Finest might be interesting since it's going to star Powergirl and Huntress instead of Batman and Superman.

I really have no opinion on G.I. Combat and Dial H since I'm more then likely not going to get them anyway, and The Ravagers is a Teen Titans spin-off that I might like. Then there's Earth 2 which I'll been looking forward to since it's a JSA book. So in closing this might be good.

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