Friday, January 27, 2012

Street Fighter Legends Ibuki #2 Review

Today were going to take a look at a Street Fighter comic. Street Fighter is a popular fighting game created by Capcom. As with all popular video games it eventually spread out to other medias such as movies and of course comic books. This particular comic stars Ibuki who originally appeared in Street Fighter 3: New Generation.

The story is pretty much this, Ibuki is a girl who was raised to be a ninja. She wanted a normal life so her "father" let her go to school. She starts to find it difficult to balance the drama of School life with the responsibility of being a ninja. Things get even more challenging when one of her classmates Makoto, a hotheaded karate expert, challenges her to a fight risking her secret. The comic ends with her being tasked to fight a martial artist named Oro.

The art is obviously very manga like. It is very nice, and color and the shading is really good. There are a couple two-page spreads in particular that are poster quality. The panel layout is nothing special but when there's a fight scene it becomes more interlocking.

The characters are true to there game counterparts, and in some cases they expand upon them. To be honest it wasn't that hard to do that since they're from Fighting Games which aren't really known for there character driven and involving plots. Speaking of which the story of this book is a bit unoriginal, it's the story of girl trying to have a normal life, and Ibuki isn't the most interesting of characters from the Street Fighter games. Overall it's not bad but not the best, however it does improve later on.

Rating: 2/5

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