Friday, January 6, 2012

Demon Knights #1 Review

Today were looking at another one of the new 52. Yay. But this time it's not a Superhero story. The comic opens with Camelot burning to the ground. A knight tells King Arthur and his servants to flee. They tell him to protect Excalibur as they flee by boat, but he throws it to them. A hand comes out of the water, and grabs it.

One of the servants, who is revealed to be Madame Xanadu, tries to get it but it it disappears in a purple light. Meanwhile Merlin is talking to the demon Etrigan, when they're interrupted by Jason Blood who tells Merlin that he should escape. Merlin tells him about his destiny, and imprisons Etrigan inside of him.

Jason tries to ask him why he did that, but Merlin disappears. We cut to the Dark Ages, where a man is offering his child to a man named Mordru in order to protect the village. Mordru asks the baby some questions, it gets possessed, and then explodes. Why. Well apparently the body was to weak to contain the thing that was possessing him. But why did it have to explode, that's kinda overkill. Why didn't it just, oh I dunno, stop possessing him! Anyway Mordru then starts to plan his next move.

We cut to Jason, and Xanadu who have been pretending to be pilgrims. They see two men arguing about one man's (which is Vandal Savage) entrance into an inn. Vandal Savage just decides to break through the gate, and Jason decides to go talk with him since they know each other. They are talking in a bar about the fall of Camelot when there interrupted by Sir Ystin the Shinning Knight., from Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers.

Kinda random that she's here at a bar in a random village. But hey, I'll roll with it. They then overhear a man arguing with the Bar owner, because he won't serve him since he's not from around here. A girl defends him by saying that they'll serve her but not him yet she's from farther away then him.

Meanwhile a man is being attacked when a mysterious woman saves him. Back at the bar the Queen's horde break in and demands everything they have. Jason decides to stop them and turns into Etrigan. He asks Xanadu why he was brought out this time. She point's him to the right direction, and it's revealed they sort of have a thing.

You know what I'm just done trying to explain things. They Bar fight to end all Bar fights breaks out. Mordru senses a disturbance in the force, and the comic ends with him summoning two Dragons to eliminate it. Even though they look more like Dinosaurs.

Except for the exploding baby thing and the endless questions this comic wasn't half bad. It's a good Fantasy comic, and I'm pretty sure the questions will be answered in latter issues. This was one of the better of the New 52.

Rating: 3/5 (I'm going to stop rating with decimals)

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