Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 Review


Today we are going to look at something that I've been looking forward to for a while now, and how disappointing it was when I got it. This is the first "Batman" comic I've read in the reboot. The last two weeks I got Action Comics #1 where Superman acted much more like Batman then Superman, and Superboy #1 where they give him a origin in which he kills a bunch of people and hangs out in virtual reality with Deathstroke's daughter. Anyway  let take a look at Red Hood and the Outlaws #1.

The cover isn't that bad, however there is one problem. In a interview Scott Loboell states he's trying to have the Red Hood move on from Batman even though there's a bat in the logo and the Red Hood himself has a bat symbol on his chest. It's not like it was always there they added that to his costume. Anyway the comic opens with Red Hood revealing Roy Harper tried to help the people of Qurac overthrow a brutal dictator, afterwards the people hired assassins to put Roy in jail.

Sorry to go off on a tangent but Roy's character is a bit messed up. In the miniseries Cry for Justice Roy lost his arm and his daughter. This caused him to start using drugs again, and he turned evil. But in this reboot he has his arm back, and apparently he's" too young" to have a daughter so why is he evil. Why isn't he Red Arrow. Anyway Jason breaks Roy out by pretending to be a priest reading Roy his last rites. Batman did something similar in the Batman The Brave and the Bold episode Chill of the Night.

They get away but are surrounded by tanks, and they are saved by Starfire. After a hard day of work they go rest on a beach, which is only here for fanservice since Starfire is in a bikini swimming. She also narrates how she can't tell human boys apart. While this is happening Jason talks to Roy about how her species has short attentions spans, and that she won't remember being part of the Titian's. First, why? Secondly, how does the Flash stopping himself from saving his mother change a race of aliens genetic makeup? Also what happened to Jason's white strand of hair? It was an effect of using Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus Pit to bring him back to life. So what happened to it, and for that matter what happened to Scarlett you know Jason's sidekick? The girl who he risked his life, Dick Grayson's life, and  Damian Wayne's life in order to save her.

Anyway Jason goes to talk to his imaginary friend named Essence. They talk about a mysterious new group called Untitled that Jason apparently fought before but since we've never heard about it before it's just confusing especially since they talk about it in the past tense like it all ready happened. While that is happening this happens:

This is unbelievably out of character for Starfire. Why? Why does no one act like themselves? Why did Scott Loboell feel it completely necessary to make Starfire such a slut? And don't give me any of that empowered crap, there's a difference between a empowered woman and one that has meaningless sex just because she can. This is all the Flash's fault for making this universe where sex and violence thrives and where Character's just act completely different for no f#cking reason.

They go have sex. Meanwhile in Chicago a man finds a picture of Starfire a kid took while she was sunbathing. The man recognizes her as a Tamaranean. Jason leaves by himself to find information about Untitled, and the comic ends with Jason being surrounded by a bunch of evil people on the Himalayas.

This comic isn't good, most of the characters act completely out of characters, and the fact they completely ruined Starfire. Plus it raises a lot of questions, I mean the ending says To Be Explained instead of being To Be Continued. The art is pretty good but it's not enough. I'm not getting the second issue, and I'm done with this crappy reboot.

Rating: 1/5


  1. You seem to miss the concept of a reboot/ the new 52 this is suppose to be characters with changes not suppose be anything.

    Also you misread a few things
    A.Where is Roy EVIL
    B.Star only forgot things concerning Earth,
    C.When he was running back at the end of Flash point it was said that the 3 timelines would become one thus things about people places and things would change as you now have 3(normal DCU, vertigo and wildstorm) timelines worth of shit trying to fit into one world

  2. Except it's not a reboot. The only things they changed is the stuff that wasn't selling. Batman and Green Lantern continued off right where the original continuity left off.

    Now the things I apparently misread:

    "A.Where is Roy EVIL"

    Roy only went bad because this daughter died, and he lost an arm. But in the new 52 he doesn't have a daughter. If you meant he's not evil, then that makes even less sense because if he didn't why is he killing people and has an apparent disliking/hatred of Green Arrow.

    If his daughter didn't die he would still be Red Arrow, and a member of the Justice League.

    "B.Star only forgot things concerning Earth,"

    Yeah I know, that's what I said. But why? She didn't have a problem remembering it the past 30 years of continuity. Apparently in the new 52 Tamaranians have short attention spans, which doesn't make sense because time travel has nothing to with genetics.

    "C.When he was running back at the end of Flash point it was said that the 3 timelines would become one thus things about people places and things would change as you now have 3(normal DCU, vertigo and wildstorm) timelines worth of shit trying to fit into one world"

    You are kinda right since fusing Vertigo with the DCU would cause some weird stuff to happen. However the only reason they wrote Starfire like this is Fanservice.