Friday, September 9, 2011

What If? Spider-Man Back in Black Review

For those of you have read my review of Ultimate Spider-Man #160 you may notice I mentioned a certain story called One More Day. For those of you who don't know during the Civil War event Spider-Man revealed his identity to the public, so during the Civil War when Spider-Man switched sides this caused problems. Kingpin hired someone to kill Peter but the assassin shot Aunt May instead leading to her death. Feeling so guilty about it he made a deal with the devil in order to bring her back to life, but in return he would have to give up his marriage. So being the responsible person he is he goes threw with it. I hate One More Day, but you may be wondering how it ties into the comic I'm reviewing today. Well this story is really What if Mary Jane was shot instead of Aunt May? So let jump right into What if? Spider-Man Back in Black.

The cover is great, and very epic. The comic opens with a recap of One More Day. According to the narration this is what would have happened if Peter's Spider-Sense pick up the bullet a second earlier. Peter pushes Aunt May out of harms way, but turns around to see Mary Jane was hit by the bullet. Peter runs to her side only to be shot as well. The assassin tell the guy who hired him that his job is done, and that he wants his money. However Peter is still alive, and starts to strangle the assassin.

The assassin tell him the Kingpin hired him but tries to pull out a gun but Peter the guy who's about being responsible with his super powers punches him so hard it kills him. This is totally out of character, and I know his wife was just killed but I mean come on he already learned that revenge isn't the answer to his problems. Anyway we cut to Kingpin who is in jail, he knows Peter is coming to kill him so he calls the F.B.I. Meanwhile Aunt May asks Peter what happened, and he tells her he killed the assassin and the Kingpin is next. Aunt May tells him he doesn't have to do this but Peter changes into his Black Suit and tells her to bring Mary Jane's body to Jarvis (Tony Starks butler) so she can have a proper funeral.

The F.B.I. contact Ironman, and tell him to stop Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Spider-Man finds S.H.E.I.L.D. agents taking Kingpin to safety. Spider-Man tries to stop them but is attacked by Ironman. Spider-Man tells him that Kingpin killed Mary Jane, and knocks his faceplate off. Spider-Man tries to get Kingpin but is once again stopped by Ironman. Kingpin takes the opportunity to escape in a police car. Spider-Man tells Stark that there is a weak spot in his armor, and punches it causing his armor to fall off.

Spider-Man finds the Kingpin, and the start to fight. Kingpin starts to mock him, and reveals that he has captured Aunt May and killed Jarvis. Great, another unnecessary death to give more reasons to hate this book. Kingpin tries to kill Spider-Man but Spidey punches him in the stomach. Killing him. All he needs to do now is start carrying around a bunch of guns and paint a skull on his chest to be the Punisher. Spidey saves Aunt May but she tell him to get away he's not the boy she raised. Ironman, and the police arrive and the comic ends with them taking Spider-Man away as Ironman comforts Aunt May.

I don't like this comic, the art isn't that good and it actually made One More Day Worse. All this comic did was turn Peter Parker into a Murderer. The only thing I liked about this comic was the cover and the backup Runaway story. See you next time when I'll review something that doesn't make me hate one of the characters I looked up to as a kid.

Rating: 1.5/5

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