Friday, September 30, 2011

Darkwing Duck #1 Review

Today where going to look at something good. Darkwing Duck was a TV show in the 90's about a  anthropomorphic duck superhero whose alter ego is mild-mannered single parent Drake Mallard. I use to watch it when I was younger but I can't really remember much about it. So let's get started with Darkwing Duck #1. The cover is great, it seems to be a parody of Batman the Animated Series something that happens quite a bit in this new series. The comic opens with a flashback of Drake remembering the days when he was Darkwing Duck, and stopping criminals.

We cut to present day where Quackwerks Corporation has stopped control of crime, and Drake works there. At a meeting Drake questions the city's dependence on the Quackwerks' crimebots but the manager assures him that everything is great now.

The meeting is interrupted by Drake's daughter, who thinks her teachers are working for a supervillian. He tells her that there aren't anymore supervillians. When he goes back to work a surprising person is working there. It turns out Megavolt has retired as well, and works with Drake. Megavolt is suspicious about Drake since he reminds him of someone.

 Drake keeps being reminded of the Good Old Days. Meanwhile Megavolt is kidnapped on his way home. When Drake get's home the calls Lanchpad but doesn't respond when he answers. He is interrupted by a loud crash, and Drake runs downstairs to find the Crimebots who are there to arrest Honker for illegally downloading music off the internet. Drake tries to stop them but gets shocked. His daughter comes with his costume and tells him the only way to stop them is by being Darkwing Duck.

The comic ends with Megavollts kidnappers revealed to be the other Supervillians who are trying to put the group back together. This comic was pretty good. The art is great, and the jokes are clever with the exception of some duck related puns. I recommend this.

Rating: 3.5/5

Next week will be October and I've planned to do Halloween theme reviews all October. So see you there!

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