Friday, September 16, 2011

Super Mario Bros. #2 Review

Today I'm going to look at a Super Mario Bros. comic. Super Mario Bros. is probably the most well known game all over the world. I myself grew up playing Super Mario 64, and Mario Kart as well as Super Smash Bros. I don't think I have to explain anything when it comes to Mario, so let's jump straight into Super Mario Bros. #2. First off the cover isn't that great, however it does raise curiosity, and does catch the eye. However what in the world is a Comic System? I know what there trying to do but it's just stupid sounding. Also a tiny caption asks "Is Princess Toadstool going through her "rebellious phase"??" The short answer is no. The long answer will make less sense.

The comic opens with the King and the Mario Bros. watering flowers. Luigi complements the King for knowing all the flowers names. Mario says it's not so hard since their all named Bud. *sigh* If your hoping there aren't anymore puns, you might as well stop reading. There even more annoying then Toad in the first game.

The King hears the phone ringing, and its Bowser (or King Koopa as he is known in this) making a prank call. So Why is Bowser, the evil tyrant that will stop at nothing to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, make a prank call? Better question why does he use the most over used and obvious prank call of them all? That's right he asks him if his refrigerator is running. *sigh* Anyway Princess Toadstool starts to yell at her father because he got mud all over the carpet.

She calls the cleaners, while Mario and Luigi start to dance because they think the foot prints are to show them how to dance. I think this comic just made me stupider. I mean we can't be more then ten pages in.

The cleaners finish up and the Princess pay them with cookies, what a b*tch. However the carpets start to float due to the special conditioner they used to clean it. Toadstool stands on one and it flies out of the sunroof. She flies past the ozone, and flies right into the oh no zone. Getting sick of  the puns yet I sure am. Eventually she floats into the Koopa Zone where Bowsers henchmen hypnotize her. Mario and Luigi go tell the King that his daughter is missing.
Wow Princess Toadstool curses a lot in this book.

The hypnotized Toadstool attacks them, and she got a wardrobe change on the way. She looks like one of the mutants from The Dark Knight Returns. Mario is wondering how to stop her when he sits on magic fertilizer that causes a giant bean stalk to grow. Convenient. Luigi tells Mario the last one up is a jolly green giant. Don't worry where almost done. So how do they stop her? They don't, she just runs into the bean stalk and that cures her of her mind control. Man that Deus Ex Machina fertilizer really came in handy. The story ends with Toadstool telling her father that he can track mud into house anytime he wants.

Did you learn a lesson, because I sure didn't. This comic is annoying, and it's not even over. But I've had enough horrible puns for one day. In closing Super Mario Bros. #2 makes me wish this was all just a horrible dream. Yes that was a bad joke but it's not any worse then the jokes in this comic.

Ratings: 2/5

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