Friday, January 13, 2012

Wolverine / Gambit Victims #1 Review

I'm not the biggest X-men fan. I just never really got into it, well except the Sentinel Series and the currently ongoing Ultimate Comics X-men. Today were going to look at another X-men comic from the 90's. As you can see this stars two of the most popular characters at the time Wolverine and Gambit. So let's check it out. The comic opens with the story of Jack the Ripper. We see a woman stalked by a man who looks like Wolverine. Some near by people hear a scream and find the woman who has been killed. It turns out there have been killings in London, and some suspect the return of Jack the Ripper.

We cut to Gambit stealing jewels out of a safe. He is confronted by Rogue who jumps at him, and they both fall through a window. They hit the ground and it revealed that the whole thing including Rogue was a simulation in the danger room. Gambit decides to go to London to investigate the murders.

Gambit sneaks into a police station ad looks through some files. He is interrupted by the Police Inspector, and escapes. He goes to talk to the latest victims family, he doesn't discover anything. When doing more investigating a woman mistakes him for Jack the Ripper, and it turns out to be a trap by the police. Gambit and the police are about to fight when they all hear a scream.

Gambit goes to investigate when he sees a girl running from someone. He fights the mysterious person, and uses his powers to see who he is. It revealed to be Wolverine and he's covered in blood. Gambit asks Wolverine to explain why he's covered in blood, and he can't. They get cornered by a anti-terrorist group called the C.D.I. ,  and the comic ends with a mystery person watching them on a camera.

This is a pretty good comic. The art by Tim Sale is dark which fits the story. The story is interesting, but I hope it doesn't turn out like most Jeph Loeb murder mystery's like Hush and The Long Halloween. But I know that it's not going to turn out as bad as Ultimates 3 or Ultimatum.

Rating: 4/5

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