Monday, January 30, 2012

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Review

Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, one of the most critically acclaimed video games ever made. Tomorrow is also the release date of Final Fantasy XIII-2 which isn't really that big a deal but I found it convenient that they where released on the same day. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of FFVII, I mean it is a great game and I see why people like it but my favorite was always Final Fantasy IV. Anyway to celebrate I'm going to review the sequel movie Advent Children.

The story takes place two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and Tifa live together but Cloud is distant due to the guilt of letting Aeris die. To complicate matters a disease called Geostigma has spread around the planet, and three mysterious people are looking for there mother in order to bring back Sephiroth.

Okay let's  begin with what I liked about the movie. The fight scenes are great especially the ones between Tifa and Loz as well as the fight with Bahamut. They also incorporate the battle music from FFVII into the fights, and the music itself is great. The graphics are good however it lacks color. It's usually grey and it make the film feel depressing. Speaking of depressing let's talk about Cloud. He is completely emo in this movie, which is redoing character development he had at the end of Final Fantasy VII. He wasn't this depressed and tortured through most of FFVII.
He totally seems Emo Right?

Then there are the Remnants of Sephiroth, they aren't that treating as villains. Especially since they never shut up about there mother which is a disembodied head. You know your a bad villain when you make Doctor Eggman look like a threat in comparison. I wouldn't mind as much but they have more screen time then most of the characters from FFVII. I mean the Turks have more screen time then the returning characters and there essentially comic relief.

The way they bring back Sephiroth also doesn't make much sense. You'd think that since all three of them embody different aspects of him all they would have to do to bring him back is fuse together but instead only one of them turns into Sephiroth while the other two just play dead. Overall this movie is bad but fans will probably like it, or hate it depending on if you became a fan pre or post Final Fantasy 7. Personally It's just to depressing and there are just to many plot holes. I guess TV Tropes really does ruin your life.

Rating 3/5

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