Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Comics of 2011

Well Christmas is over once again. New Years is the day after tomorrow so why don't I look at some of my favorite comics of 2011. Now to get this straight, these are my favorites, not the ones I think are the best. To be fair I'm going to include only one comic from a series. This includes Spin-offs. So let's check it out.

5. Brightest Day #24

When I was reading this series I didn't really like it. All it was doing was killing off characters that where just brought back in Blackest Night. However it turned out great, and the characters that were "killed" off didn't stay dead. (Well except for Hawkgirl) That coupled with the return of John Constantine and Swamp Thing, as well as a fight between Swamp Thing and Black Lantern Swamp Thing makes this my number 5.

4. Megaman #3

One of the better series of 2011. This issue in particular is great because we see how the Robot Masters powers are corrupting Megaman. Making him more and more ruthless, until he finally sees himself no better then Wily. It also has great art, and very interesting characters.

3. Superman Beyond #0

I know some of you are asking what about Action Comics #1. Well, I didn't like it. I'll explain my problems with it if I decide to review it. Anyway Superman Beyond #0 is great, and it shows why I like Superman. He tries to save a villain from dying in Space even after he was impaled through the chest by said villain. There's also a great moment between Clark and Bruce Wayne. It was a pretty good comic to read before the reboot.

2. Ultimate Spider-Man #160

I'm not going to deeply into this because I already reviewed it. However it is really good, and I recommend it if your a Spider-Man fan. Other then that I've got nothing else to say.

1. Detective Comics #881

Scott Snyder is really making a name for himself at DC, between this run on Detective Comics and his run on the new Batman comic he's become one of the best writers on Batman in a while. Detective Comics #881 is the conclusion of his run, and it is nothing less of epic. I don't want to spoil it so you should check it out for yourself.

Well that the end of my list. Let's hope for some good comics in 2012. Until then, this is the Mystery Theatre saying have a Happy New Year.

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