Friday, December 9, 2011

Sonic X #15 Review

I'm going to be honest, I don't really like Sonic X that much. Especially the 4Kids dub, which took away what drama the original had. For those who don't know Sonic X is an Anime based on the games, and with any popular show they naturally made a comic out of it. Which was worse then the show. So let's not waste any time. The comic opens with Sonic doubting the existence of Santa Claus. Gary St- I mean Chris tells him that Santa exists because how else do the presents appear on Christmas.

Meanwhile Doctor Eggman comes up with a plan to capture Sonic, by dressing up as Santa, and ordering the kids to capture him. You maybe wondering "Eggman? I thought his name was Robotnik!" well you see, in the recent game his name was changed to Eggman. This was due to his Japanese name originally being Eggman but they changed it when they brought it over to America. So they all they were doing was just fixing there "mistake." Anyway Sonic is still being skeptical about Santa. He thinks that it's all a ruse by Eggman. So he runs to the North Pole to investigate.

Sonic can't find any workshop, and runs back to tell everyone. When he get's there he's about to tell everyone when Uncle Chuck tells him that it will only appear on Christmas. They all go to a gathering at Town Square, in order to watch the lighting of the town Christmas Tree, and giant Menorah. Which is weird since to my knowledge your suppose to light one candle a day during Hanukkah, but I'm not sure since I'm not Jewish. Anyway Eggman appears on a big television dressed as Santa, and tells everyone if he doesn't get Sonic he won't give anyone presents. So naturally, Adult's and all, try to capture Sonic. My favorite is the old guy who looks like he's asleep, and the guy whose going to capture Sonic with his awesome Karate skills.

Anyway Sonic escapes, but it doesn't matter since everyone in the whole world wants Sonic dead. Sort of like in real life. I'm just kidding, but this is stupid. Especially since there are other religions in the world, and does no one find it odd that Santa wants Sonic captured. The tip on this iceberg is the fact that everyone in the world is a generic Japanese Anime character.
Antoine D'Coolette would be so proud.

Anyway Sonic decides to give himself in. Planning to pull the obviously fake beard off Eggman. However Eggman sends his robot in order to capture Sonic. So when when Sonic try's to pull the beard off Robo-Santa it doesn't work. So he get's captured, and the fly away. But Uncle Chuck finds a loose screw, he realizes Sonic was right. At the North Pole, Eggman orders Robo-Santa to throw Sonic into a hole. Kinda anticlimactic. However Uncle Chuck arrives, and calls Eggman a liar since the Real Santa is right over there!

Just randomly standing in the middle of nowhere, not doing anything. Eggman says that it's obviously a fake, but Sonic proves that Robo-Santa is the fake by using a ring to turn into a tornado and hit the robot in the head.

I couldn't make this up if I tried. So the robot is revealed to be a fake, the other one turns out to be Chris' maid in disguise(Not sure how that worked), and Sonic let's Eggman get away, for some reason. The comic ends with Sonic and everyone opening presents on Christmas.

This was not good. The art is really bad in some places. It has the same problem as Justice League Unlimited #7, in that it's trying to imitate the TV show but it fails. The art in Sonic #52  was better, and that came out in the 90's. The story also doesn't make much sense, and gives mix messages on the existence of Santa. Overall not good.

Rating: 1.5/5

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