Friday, December 16, 2011

Marvel Christmas Special 1996 Review

Today where going to look at a Marvel Holiday special. But due to the size, I'm only going to review one story from it. I chose Spider-Man because I never get sick of complaining about him. So let's get started. The comic opens with J. Jonah Jameson handing out presents to the less fortunate. Peter is taking pictures of him while complaining about having to take pictures for Jameson unpaid instead of spending time with Mary Jane on Christmas Eve.

Jameson finally let's Peter go home, and gives him some bus money as he rides off in a Limo. Peter thinks he should teach Jameson a lesson by tying him to a light post. So he changes into Spider-Man, and chases after Jameson. I thought the only reason he wanted to leave was so he can spend Christmas Eve with Mary Jane, so once he can leave he goes to bug Jameson. That's just stupid.

Anyway the Limo stops outside a Warehouse, where Jameson keeps all the toys. Spider-Man spies through a widow on the roof, when the roof collapses causing Jameson ans Spider-Man to be trapped under rubble. When Jameson wakes up after being unconscious, he finds Spider-Man's mask. He looks over to Spider-Man who used his last bit of webbing to make a mask.

Spider-Man explains that the only way there going to get out is if Jameson "seesaws" a beam off Spider-Man so he can save them both. However Jameson wants to wait a hour so the webbing wears off. After twenty minutes, Spider-Man tries to trick Jameson but it doesn't work.

After 40 minutes, Spidey tells Jameson that if they don't get out soon they'll freeze. So Jameson gives in, and lifts the beam. Spider-Man get's free, and put's his mask back on when a beam of light shines down on them. It revealed to be a news helicopter which got a picture of Jameson saving Spider-Man. The comic ends on Christmas day where Jameson is trying to buy all the newspaper in town so that no one knows he saved Spider-Man

This comic is pretty good. The art is pretty good for the 90's, and all the story's are good. If your looking for something to read this Christmas try to track this down.

Rating: 3.5/5

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