Friday, December 23, 2011

The Larfleeze Christmas Special Review

What does Christmas mean to you? I'm sure none of you said a Space Warthog wielding the embodiment of greed. That being said let's look at the Larfleeze Christmas Special. Larfleeze discovers that every December 25th the children of the earth get what they most want. Being the greedy person he is, Larfleeze make a list. But on Christmas Day he is shocked to discover no presents. At first he thinks someone stole them but he notices the cookies he left out for Santa is still there.

Larfleeze is quite angry about this when he notices Santas in a Christmas Parade on the TV. Larfleeze goes to attack Santa. When he confronts him however his beard falls off. Larfleeze thinks that he's a decoy and chases after another guy in a Santa suit.

However he runs into what can only be described as a Santa Convention. Well it's a costume return, but that seems to make less sense because why are that many people returning costumes on Christmas day. Larfleeze demands to know which one is the real Santa. However a near buy child tells him the real Santa is at the North Pole. Some crazy antics later, he discovers nothing there. He threatens to melt the North Pole if he doesn't reveal himself, however Hal Jordan confronts him. Larfleeze tells him that he was good, but he didn't get any presents. Hal then reveals that Santa Claus isn't real!

Sonic the Hedgehog was right! But I'm pretty sure Superman would argue this with Green Lantern. Larfleeze doesn't believe him. But Hal tells him it's about Christmas Spirit. He asks how to get Christmas Spirit, and Hal explains it is about giving. Larfleeze still doesn't believe him because he wants his stuff. As Hal leaves he tells him to look at his list, and find something that he really needs. Larfleeze does this, and the comic ends with him realizing that what he really needs is his Family.

How sweet, the greedy space monster has a heart. I liked this comic, the art was good and jokes were to. I do have one problem though, it's apparently for kids. It has activity's like mazes, ornaments, and cookie baking& in it. But the whole Santa Claus doesn't exist thing makes this horrible for kids. Other then that I have no problems.

Rating: 3/5

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