Friday, December 2, 2011

Superman #76 Review

 It's December, you know what that means. Christmas reviews. However I apologize before this since the comic we are looking today doesn't have a lot to do with Christmas. In the 90's DC released the storyline the Death of Superman. Where Superman was killed by a monster called Doomsday. The arc were looking at today shows how people are dealing with his death. So let's take a look at Superman #76.

The comic opens with Captain Marvel joining a bunch of heroes on the roof of the Daily Planet. He mentions how he would prefer snow on Christmas Eve then rain. However Hal Jordan say's it's fitting since they just had Superman's funeral a week ago. We cut to a kid named Mitch. For those who haven't read the Death of Superman, Mitch was a kid who thought Superman was "lame." However when his house is demolished by Doomsday, and Superman saves him and his family he has a change of heart. He feel's guilty blaming Superman's death on himself.

Mitch comes across a crowd of people around a girl who is claiming to be Superman's wife. Lois Lane who is in the crowd , get's mad and walks off. Jimmy Olsen tries to stop her but she walks away. He run's into Mitch, who is looking to talk to someone who knows Superman. Jimmy offers to go to a restaurant while they talk.

Lois, feeling lonely, goes to Clark's apartment. Johnathan and Martha Kent are there, and comfort her. They are surprised when Lana Lang arrives to talk to them. We cut to the post office where the Super heroes went. They plan to help some of the people in need who wrote letters to Superman. Back with Jimmy and Mitch, they meet up with Bibbo at a diner. Mitch tells them how if it wasn't for them needing help Superman wouldn't of died but Bibbo and Jimmy tell him that there's nothing he could of done.

Back with the Kent's, Lana proposes they tell the world Clark was Superman. They decide not to because Clark deserves his privacy. I have to wonder even if the decided to, would anyone believe them. I mean Lois herself said earlier that a bunch of people have been coming out with personal connections to Superman. Anyway the heroes helping people, including rebuilding Mitch's house and getting Mitch's parent back together. Mitch goes to Superman's Memorial to thank him, and the comic ends with someone stealing Superman's coffin for something called Cadmus.

This comic pretty good. The is art is good for the 90's and it's a good follow up to the Death of Superman. Not bad but not the best. Once again I'm sorry that this doesn't have a lot to due with Christmas, but I promise the next couple weeks of comics I'll review will be Christmas comics.

Rating: 3/5

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