Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lexmas Review

 Smallville is one of those shows where nobody really believes it's that good. Sure it has it's moments, but the real reason people watch it is because it's the only a live action Superhero show on tv. I admit I watched it when it was on, and embarrassingly I kinda liked it. Anyway today were going to look at the 9th episode of the fifth season, titled "Lexmas."

The story begins when two people try to steal Lex Luthor's car. One of them get's trigger happy, and shoot's Lex in the side and shoulder. This induces a hallucination where the ghost off his mother is showing him how good his life will be if he doesn't turn evil, such as he is married to Lana Lang and is a humanitarian. Meanwhile in the real world there is a subplot about Lex possibly being paralyzed, and Lionel tries to save him. There is another subplot where Clark play's Santa, and delivers present's to children. When he run's into a man in a Santa suit about to commit suicide. Clark manages to stop him, and later it was revealed he was the real Santa.

I really liked this, it was very heartwarming and shows that Lex isn't that bad of a guy. That is until Lana dies. That's where this episode becomes less heartwarming, and more depressing. See Lana starts to die after giving birth to her second child. Lex goes to his father for help, but he tells him he has no son. Lex goes back into the hospital when Lana dies. Lex yells at the ghost of his dead mother, asking her why she showed him this. She tells him this is his best future because it's full of love, but Lex tells her it's the same as everything else. The person he cares about dieing.

I don't like this, why? Because it's stupid. Did Lex's mom really think showing him this would help him make the right choices. I mean she flat out told him that this is the best his life will be. So when Lex wakes up he denounces love, and decides that the only way he will have a happy ending is if he has wealth and power. So good job, you may have caused this or even this.

Anyway this isn't to bad. The stuff with Santa and Clark is nice, and so is the hallucination until Lana dies. But the ending is such a downer, especially for a Christmas special.

Rating: 2.5/5

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