Friday, November 25, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man #649 Review

Today where going to talk about my favorite subject Spider-Man. More specifically the Hobgoblin. So let's not waste anytime, and get started. The comic opens with a South American Dictatorship being attacked by the Rodrick Kingsley the Hobgoblin. Kingsley get the money he made from the assassination, and decides to go back to the United States since Osborn is in jail. He talks to the Kingpin to get a gig, and the Kingpin agrees as long as he does whatever he says. Kingsley agrees, and goes to one of Norman Osborn armory's to get some equipment.

There he finds Phil Urich, who was once Green Goblin. He's there to find something to impress a girl he likes. Kingsley is about to kill him when Phil starts laughing like the Joker. Kingsley is hurt by this since Phil has Sonic waves called the "Lunatic Laugh" that disorienting to most people. Kingsley is hurt on the ground, and Phil takes the opportunity to go Highlander on him and cut off his head quicker then you can say "There can be only one!."

We cut to a undercover reporter who is investigating a gang that looks up to the Green Goblin. She is about to be attacked by them when she is saved by Spider-Man and Black Cat. Spider-Man makes fun of them since they idolize a known psychopathic killer.

Latter Norah, the reporter, is writing the story when Phil comes to talk to her. Phil tries to brag about how he killed the Hobgoblin and found Norman Osborn's secret lair, but wimps out. They are interrupted by Ben Urich, Phil's uncle who is wondering if Phil needs a job. Phil declines since he already has a new gig, as he pulls out the file Kingpin gave to Kingsley. Then we see Peter and Aunt May getting ready for his first day at horizon labs. When Peter leaves, Aunt May flashbacks to the 60's where the art isn't that great and teen Peter looks older then adult Peter.

Peter is having a hard time thinking of something to make when he hears a crash. Phil dressed as the Hobgoblin is attacking the lab. Peter changes into Spider-Man, and tries to stop the Hobgoblin. Peter thinks Phil is Kingsley, and Phil starts laughing again. Spider-Man becomes immobilized, and the comic ends with the Hobgoblin about to cut off his head.

This comic is pretty good. I like the story, and the art. This also feel's like a 1st issue, and is probably a good jumping on point for new readers. However I do have one problem, what's the point of bringing Rodrick Kingsley back only to kill him off. I'm not a big fan of Phil Urich either so that doesn't help. It's still good though, and I recommend it.

Rating: 4.5/5

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