Monday, August 8, 2011

My Opinion on Man of Steel, and The New Ultimate Spider-Man

Ok I'm going to talk about two things today. First is the first picture of Henry Cavill as Superman was released.

I think it looks great. The costume looks cool, however his hair is slicked back and they got rid of the Superman curl. He looks like a 1950's gangster. Well at least it's better then a mullet. Now onto the news that's made everyone flip there lid, the new Ultimate Spider-man was revealed to be Miles Morales. Why are a lot of people mad about this? It because he's Half African American and Half Hispanic.

I don't know why everyone is angry like this.  It's not like he's the first hero to be replaced by someone of a different nationality or race, what about John Stewart. Anyway I really don't care what race he is, I'm still excited about Ultimate Spider-Man #1 however now that I know who the the new Spider-man is i am less excited but only by a little bit. Besides I'm interested in what Miles' connection to Peter Parker is, and how he got Spider powers. Anyway this is The Mystery Theatre saying don't be racist.

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