Friday, August 26, 2011

Justice League: Generation Lost #19 Review

Today where going to look at a comic that really pissed me off the first time I read it but now it's not so bad. So let's get started, the cover is good. It's the silhouette of Maxwell Lord standing ominously over what looks to be the corpse of Blue Beetle. The comic opens with Jaime Reyes (the current Blue Beetle) explain what the scarab that gives him his powers are to his friends. He also explains the history of the Blue Beetle.

Jaime's friends tell him that he should change his name since every other hero that ever had that name is dead. But he explains that it's not his choice since the Scarab chose him. We then cut to the present where Maxwell Lord is torturing the Blue Beetle. Max explains that if it wasn't for the Blue Beetle and the rest of the Justice League International he would have never been able to take control of Checkmate. While Max's back is turned Blue Beetle sends out a distress signal.

Booster Gold's robot Skeets pick's up the signal, and the J.L.I. leave to find the Blue Beetle. Back in Checkmates base, Max finds out what Blue Beetle is up to. But before he can do anything Blue Beetle breaks lose, and attacks him. They start to fight, and the J.L.I. find the base and break in. Max uses some sort of purple blast that greatly weakens Blue Beetle. The J.L.I. arrive just in time to see Max shoot the Blue Beetle in the head. "Killing" him.

The comic ends with Booster Gold and the rest of the J.L.I. looking in horror. I think it's obvious why I didn't like this at first. They killed off one of my favorite characters. Since this comic he has been "brought back to life." So now I can look at this comic in a different way, the set up was good and a Blue Beetle did go down fighting. So yeah, this was a good comic.

Rating: 3/5

Next week I'm going to review the last comic of the current DC Universe, Flashpoint #5!

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