Friday, August 12, 2011

Secret Origin: Nightwing Review

Today where going to look at the psyche of Batman's old partner Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. So without further delay let jump straight into Secret Origins: Nightwing. The comic opens with Nightwing lying on the ground with an ominous figure wearing a Robin costume hovering over him. Nightwing get's up, recognizing the figure calling him "Robin." He asks him what happened, and "Robin" tells him he was after KGBeast and the Trigger Twins when one of them attacked him from behind causing this near death experience. "Robin" then shows him the night this all started, the night his parents died.

Nightwing tells him he just wanted to have a normal life, but "Robin" tells him to remember who he's talking to. "Robin" also call's him a hypocrite because he just traded one "show" for another, since he became Batman's sidekick. But "Robin" tells him nothing lasts forever, as he shows Nightwing the night wear he quit being Batman's sidekick. After leaving Batman, Dick joined the Teen Titans. But Batman tells him if he isn't his Sidekick anymore he can't be Robin.

Dick quits being Robin, and also quits the Titans. Having no one else to turn to he goes to Metropolis, and talks to Superman. Dick tells him he still want's to a hero, and someday he thought he would become Batman. Don't worry Dick you'll get your chance after Bruce get's shot back in time, and after a couple years of character development and one of the greatest runs in a Batman comic you'll become Nightwing again after a stupid and unnecessary reboot causing all that character development to become a complete waist of time. Thanks DC.

Anyway Superman tries to cheer him up by telling him a story about a Kryptonian that was cast out of his family, and became a legend. No one knows his real name but he was called Nightwing. Dick then takes the name, and rejoins the Titans. "Robin" makes fun of his costume, and Nightwing says he did always have a smart mouth.

Nightwing's walk down memory lane takes him to Bludhaven. "Robin" asks him why does he do so much for this town. Nightwing tells him he feels like it needs him. "Robin" tells Nightwing it's time for him to go. Before waking up Nightwing reveals the mysterious Robin is the ghost of Jason Todd, the second Robin who was killed by the Joker.

The comic ends with Nightwing waking up surrounded by villains. This comic is great, it takes a look a Nightwing's past and his friendship with Jason. It's kinda sad that in recent years Jason has come back to life, and has become a villain. He was always a smart mouth but when you get down to it he was still a hero. Anyway in recommend you track this down, it not only has this great story but it also has information about Nightwing and his various villains as well as "lost pages" from the Teen Titans.

Rating: 4.5/5

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