Friday, November 11, 2011

Punisher 2099 #1

I'm going to be completely honest I don't like the Punisher. I think a hero should be someone you look up to, not someone who kills people. In the 90's Marvel created the 2099 line of comics, where they explore one of the possible futures of marvel universe. This is one of them. The comic open's with a man running from something. He calls the police but they will not come because he hasn't payed for the Police's Protection. He is then attacked by a gang called the Street Surgeons. However they stop when they notice someone is watching from a nearby alleyway.

It's revealed to be the Punisher who has no skull symbol on his chest in this panel for some reason only to get it back in the next page. I don't like the design in general. I mean what is the thing around his neck suppose to be a collar, and what purpose do shoulder pads have in the future where there aren't alot of people that will use a sword or bladed weapon. But what can you expect from bad 90's art. Anyway he open's fire on the gang. But he stops because shooting them "isn't enough punishment" and instead uses a bat to beat them to death. Are we suppose to be rooting for this guy?

The police are investigating him but his face his blocked out in all the security cameras, due to a face scrambler in his "armor". It scrambles his face into a skull which I have to admit is pretty cool. The only reason the police are going after him because he's helping people for free. Are there any good guys in this comic.

Anyway they call in a guy named Jake Gallows who I later realize is the Punisher. I wasn't sure because of the bad 90's art. Anyway they show him some of the recordings of the Punisher including the Punisher fighting pterodactyl people on a fly bike. This comic just got bit better. Jake flashbacks to the day he became the Punisher. He was meeting his family at the zoo.

They get attacked by a group who's leader Tron looks like Snowflame from The New Guardians. Jake tries to fight back but he get's injured, and his family are killed. Jake get's taken to a hospital, and his friend tells him the got the killers. However due to his father being an important person he get's off almost scot-free having to only play a fine. Jake goes to his collection of weapons, and get's Frank Castle's journal which he found in the police files. The comic ends with Jake becoming the Punisher after reading the journal.

I'm not to fond of this comic. The art is bad, and the characters are unlikeable. Overall this is a generic 90's comic.

Rating : 1.5/5

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