Friday, November 4, 2011

Archie's Megaman #1 Review

Today where going to look at Megaman. Megaman is a video game created by Capcom, and probably some of the best games out there. I like the series despite the fact that Capcom is seeming to lose faith in the franchise. Anyway let's get started. The comic opens with Megaman attacking Dr.Wily's castle. He is attacked by the Yellow Devil, and it flashbacks to how this all happened.

A few days ago, Dr.Light is preparing to unveil his new Robot Masters. Dr.Wily comes in, and they discuss that since Dr.Wily helped design them he should get some of the credit. Dr.Light says that that is in possible since Dr.Wily got in trouble for doing Unethical Robot experiments, but he will still be remembered as a factor in the creation of the Robot Masters. Dr.Light goes on stage, and gives his speech. Remember how in the Sonic the Hedgehog #52 Review I said that Archie likes to make cameos in there comics, well this no different. Neige from Megaman Zero 4 makes a cameo in the crowd, which is weird since Megaman Zero 4 takes place around 200 years in the future.

Anyway Dr.Light unveils the Robot Masters. One of the guys in the crowd ask if he's planing to use them as war weapons. Light, very upset by this, says he's through building weapons. Later at his house he discusses why violence should be a last option with his helper robots Rock and Roll. While this is happening Dr.Wily sneaks into Dr.Light's lab and reprograms the Robot Masters. The next morning they discover that the robots are missing and are going on a rampage through the city.

We have another possible cameo here since the reporter is hinted to be Chun Li from Street Fighter. During the broadcast Dr.Wily comes on the screen, and tells them he wants the world leaders to surrender and he wants to be acknowledged as the greatest genius in the world. Dr.Light says their is nothing they could do. However Rock volunteers to become a combat robot in order to stop them

After a montage explaining his weapons the comic ends with him becoming Megaman. This comic is pretty good. It's good start, and a pretty good origin. The cameos while confusing are clever, and they do take away from the story. Overall this comic is good, and it get's better from here.

Rating: 4/5

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