Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #3 Review

Only 3 more days till Halloween, and there's one more comic to review so let's get started. The comic opens with another flashback, this time it's Griffith before he was transformed. He is worried that he won't be able to change back but Dr.Mazursky reassures him. We cut back to the present where Griffith is injured, and Shrieve is captured.

 The Monster asks the Bride how she's still alive. Apparently Dr. Frankenstein didn't completely destroyed her in the novel, and she's been looking for him since then. She joined S.H.A.D.E. and wants him to join it. However Nina tells them they need to fine the Dr.Mazursky to save Griffith.

Shrieve tells them they will never get away because Lane will always try to kill them. However the Bride tells her Lane was the one who gave the "new" Creature Commandos the order to kill her Grandfather. That's all the evidence I need to prove General Lane is the biggest monster of Flashpoint. He trapped the Creature Commandos, gave the order to kill Shrieve's family, turned Sinclair into a doomsday monster with a god complex, trapped/experimented on a kid Superman because he always wanted a son, inadvertently caused the death of his Daughter, and later he causes mass genocide. What a dick. Anyway the Commandos head to Romania, and it is revealed Lane was watching trough J.A.K.E. and sends a prototype of J.A.K.E. II to Romania.

When the Commandos get to the hidden village the Monster senses "True Evil". Remember I said Lane caused genocide, it's revealed that J.A.K.E. II got there before them, and all the peaceful monsters where killed. I said it once, and I'll say it again what a dick. While looking for survivors Velcoro is staked by J.A.K.E. II. The Monster attacks it, and the Bride tells the others to head to castle as she leaves to help the Monster.

At the castle they find Dr.Mazursky, and he tells them how he turned Griffith and Velcoro into monsters. In 1935, him and some soldiers found the hidden village. When they saw that it was inhabited by monsters the soldiers attack the monsters, and the monsters kill them all but Mazursky. He finds out that they are peaceful as long as there not provoked. He spends the next couple of months researching them, and after the war when the monsters where captured he escaped back to the village. Using the magic there along with science he stayed alive. Also it's revealed Nina is not human, and Dr.Mazursky took one of the monsters when he left.

Dr.Mazursky goes to help Griffith, by turning him back into a human. Meanwhile the Monster, and the Bride are going to be shocked to death when Volcoro despite being staked through the heart and being burned by the rising sun distracts the robot long enough for the monster to destroy it.

 Volcoro dies and turns to dust, and the Doctor succeeds in turning Griffith back into a human. Dr.Mazursky, Griffith, and Nina decide to stay in the village. With a goodbye the Monster leaves. The comic ends with the Monster, the Bride, and Shrieve riding off into the sunrise.

This really is the best of the Flashpoint tie-ins, hell this is better then the main book. Unlike every other Flashpoint book it actually has a beginning, middle and end. Most of the books where unresolved, and where supposed to be continued in Flashpoint #5 but they weren't. The biggest problem I had is that they called him Frankenstein, but hey that's just a small nitpick. Anyway if you still want more Frankenstein you can always watch some Batman. See you Halloween day for a special review.

Rating: 4/5

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