Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #2 Review

It's October 21st, and Halloween is fast approaching. However I still have two comics to review, so let's get started. The comic opens Nina (A female Creature of the Black Lagoon) having a flashback. Mazursky is teaching her about animals. He is about to leave, which leads to something both Sad and Heartwarming.

If you remember last weeks review, Nina is Mazursky's daughter who had to be transformed in order to live. It cuts back to the present where Frankenstein's monster and the Creature Commandos are looking for  Mazursky. Meanwhile back at Project M's base General Lane is sending both  J.A.K.E. (the robot from last issue) and Shrieve after the creatures. The Creatures find Nina's old house, however it's abandoned.

They find a passage, The monster and Nina go check it out. While there down there Griffith (Werewolf), and Volcoro (Vampire thing?) get attacked by Shrieve. Nina finds a secret lab where they find a map of Romania, and they decide that that`s the best place to look for Mazursky. Meanwhile back the surface Shrieve is about to kill Volcoro when the Monster returns, and shoot's her in the shoulder.  J.A.K.E. comes out, and attacks the monster. Nina asks why Shrieve is attacking them when her Grandfather was part of there team.

Shrieve tells her that her Grandfather formed a new team of Creature Commandos in order to rescue them. The team appears to consist of Medusa, Solomon Grundy, the Man-Bat, and a skeleton covered in green fire that looks like Blight from Batman Beyond. So it's no surprise that this team of mostly Supervillians turns on him. Killing him and his Family except Shrieve.

Shrieve shoots Nina but Griffith jump in the way, and takes the shoot. Velcoro stops J.A.K.E. before he shocks the Monster into another coma. The comic ends with a mysterious gunner shooting the remainder of Shrieve`s soldier. The mysterious gunner is revealed to be She-Hulk! Dun dun DUN!! Actual it's the Bride of the Monster, who has four arms for some reason.

This issue is good but not as good as the first. But to be fair it's hard to top "Frankenstein's Monster ending World War 2 by cutting Hitler in half with a sword." Still this is the best of the Flashpoint tie-ins. However Halloween is only a little over a week away, and I still have one more issue to go!

Rating: 3/5

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