Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Lost Post: "Frankenstein 1970" First Thoughts


This was originally posted on July 6, 2011. Since it was an old movie I took it down but since Halloween is coming up I thought I would re-upload it: 

 Instead of going to Transformers 3 this week and wasting my money, I thought I would stay home and watch an old monster movie. Luckily "Frankenstein 1970" was on TV. Frankenstein 1970 takes place in the futuristic year of 1970. The film itself came out in 1958, so the film takes place 12 year into the future(or 41 years in the past depending on the way you look at it) even though everything is the same as it was in 1958. So the date really doesn't matter.

The movie stars Boris Karloff who is most well known for playing Frankenstein's monster in the most popular adaptation of Mary Shelly's novel. In this movie Karloff plays Baron Victor Von Frankenstein the grandson to the original Frankenstein who was tortured at the hands of the Nazis for not creating a monster for them during World War II.

A film crew wishes to make a movie about his grandfathers monster and shoot it in the Baron's house. The Baron uses the money from the crew's rent to buy an atomic reactor and uses it to create a his own monster, transplanting his butler's brain into the thing and using it to kill off the crew for more spare parts.

The movie isn't that bad for it's time, the lighting is great and the set itself is good. Karloff does a great job, evil but sympathetic. He wishes for the Frankenstein legacy to live on, but doesn't have children. So he creates a monster in his image so that the name Frankenstein will live on forever. The monster itself looks more like the Mummy then Frankenstein's monster but at the end of the day it's still pretty cool.

 Rating: 3.5/5

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