Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Tomb of Dracula #65 Review

Today marks the beginning of my Halloween specials. For the next couple weeks I'm going to review a Horror or Monster Movie comic. So since I don't have to explain who Dracula is to anyone let's get started. The comic opens with Rachel van Helsing shocked to discover that Dracula has lost his vampire powers. She goes to see Quincey Harker and the group to discuss if they should still hunt him if he is no longer a vampire.

Meanwhile "Cowboy" Brown tortures a vampire in order to figure out who killed his employers daughter. The vampire tells him it was Dracula. So Brown kills the vampire, and leaves to find Dracula. Dracula walks around a alley when he runs into a woman named Harriet doing drugs. She calls him John, and asks him if if wants to go to her place. When they get there it's revealed that Dracula still has some of his old habits like needing permission to enter a house and being repelled by crosses. Dracula asks her why she takes drugs but is interrupted by Drug dealers who are after Harriet because she stole drugs from them.

One of the Drug Dealers punches Harriet and Dracula pushes him in to a table. Another one of the Drug Dealers shoots Dracula which injures him since he is now human. In retaliation he pushes the Drug Dealer out a window. The police arrive, and arrest Dracula. At the police station Harriet tells the police the truth and Dracula is free to go. But when a photographer tries to take his picture for the newspaper he attacks him and escapes the police station. The police try to chase after him but he is still fast even without his vampire powers.

Dracula comes up with a plan to find his daughter Lilith in order to regain his powers. But this is difficult due to the fact he`s not use to the sun. He wanders into the street where he is almost hit by a car. He gets into an argument with the driver, and a bunch of people chase after him because he attacked the driver.

Dracula goes to an airbase in order to steal a plane, and the comic ends with "Cowboy" Brown getting ready to kill Dracula. I really like this comic. The art and the writing is great for the 70's and I really like the characters. I think I'm going to read more of this, and I recommend it.

Rating: 4.5/5

But the Halloween specials will continue next week when we take a look at some thing really horrifying. Another Flashpoint tie-in!!!!

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